thebestbreedsofcatsforallergies F5D6C282

The best breeds of cats for allergies

Approximately around 30% of the population suffers allergy to cats and dogs, the first option being much more common than the second. However, the fact of being allergic to one or several animals does not mean that the body

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the5catbreedsthatmostlikewater B64972B8

The 5 cat breeds that most like water

Did you know that there is also cats that like water? So is! And not only do they like it, many of them love to bathe and swim! In many cases this passion is innate, while in others

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shortnamesforcatsandkittensmoreof200idea FDA72BD7

Short names for cats and kittens – More of 200 ideas!

You are about to adopt a cat and you need a name? Did you know that the most advisable thing is that the names of the animals do not exceed three syllables? Short names facilitate learning and, therefore, internalize

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russiannamesformaleandfemalecats 8053FCF1

Russian names for male and female cats

Choose the perfect name for a cat It is not a simple task. We must find a beautiful and beautiful name that describes his personality and is also easy to pronounce and understand for the newcomer. For that reason,

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nicenamesforcatsandkittens 01827D25

Nice names for cats and kittens

Choosing the name of a kitten is one of the most complicated tasks when adopting a new cat at home. We know that each kitten is unique in the world, for that reason we want its name also to

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namesofgreekmythologyforcatsandcats 2BE809DE

Names of Greek mythology for cats and cats

One of the most exciting moments once we have decided to live with a cat is to choose his name, and it is a very important decision because he will accompany us throughout his life. It is normal for

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namesoffamouscats CBE6C786

Names of famous cats

In this article we are going to talk about names of famous cats, whether fictional or real, because everything goes to find the perfect name for our cat or cat.

We find in the names of famous cats referents

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namesofdisneycharactersforcats 4F1B22B9

Names of Disney characters for cats

When choose a name for cats It is recommended to opt for those that do not exceed three syllables, which are easy to pronounce and not confused with words of common use. These factors open up a whole range

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namesgeeksforcats 42E18009

Names geeks for cats

The time of choose the name of our cat It may seem like a simple initial detail of the adoption, but it is a fundamental aspect for their upbringing. Both the Pussycat and his guardian (or their family members)

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namesforsiamesecatsmalesandfemales D7682B0F

Names for Siamese cats males and females

Animal file: Siamese

Choose name of your pet it’s a challenge. Not only will you want something original and unique, a name that defines your personality, but also something practical that he or she is able to identify easily

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