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Names for Siamese cats males and females

Animal file: Siamese

Choose name of your pet it’s a challenge. Not only will you want something original and unique, a name that defines your personality, but also something practical that he or she is able to identify easily and your pronunciation.

Siamese cats are very popular for the elegance that is seen in the shape of their body and the distribution of the colors of their fur. If you do not decide on how to call yours, here are several lists of names for Siamese cats, males and females. Keep reading!

The Siamese cat

El Siamese cat It is very popular for its stylized figure and elegant colors. The race is native to Thailand and it comes in two varieties: the modern Siamese and the Thai or traditional Siamese. But in addition, there are several types of Siamese cats, which can be differentiated by the fur pattern and the tone of it.

Here we explain what are the two varieties of Siamese cat:

  • The records of the modern siamese they go back to 1800, date in which the race left the Asian continent towards Europe and North America. It is characterized by a thin body with a triangular head, the color of its fur darkens on the ears, tail and extremities.
  • Furthermore, the Siamese Thai It is difficult to trace in history, but it is known that it was one of the favorites of the royal families. Its appearance is very similar to that of the modern Siamese, but with more rounded shapes.

Did you just adopt a Siamese and do not know what name to put? Do not miss these lists!

How to choose the name for your Siamese?

When choosing a name for your cat, you should not only think of something original and unique, but also something that is easy for your pet to remember. Otherwise, you will not be able to identify with him.

Now, follow these recommendations:

  • Choose names of one or two syllables. Something short and precise will make your cat remember it.
  • Bet on names with the vowels “a”, “e”, “i”, because they are easier to remember.
  • Avoid choosing a name and intercalating its use with a nickname, nickname or diminutive, your cat will only respond to one of them.
  • Choose a name easy to pronounce for you, that way the word will always sound the same.
  • Try using the same voice tone When you address the feline by name, it will be easier to associate what you mean to him.
  • Use positive reinforcement for the cat to associate the word with its name and, therefore, with something good.

Now that you know all this, it’s time to show you all the names among which you can choose.

Names for male Siamese cats

Did you just adopt a siamese male and you do not know what to call it? Here is an interesting list!

Names for female Siamese cats

If your Siamese is female, you will also want to choose the perfect name for her. Do not miss the ones we have below for you!

Names with meaning for Siamese cats

If what matters most is that your cat has not only a nice name, but also one with meaning, that define your personality or remember characters, deities and others, then this list is for you!

For Males we suggest you:

  • Noah: builder of the biblical ark.
  • Ramses: Egyptian pharaoh
  • David: Hebrew name meaning beloved.
  • Odin: Nordic god.
  • Pablo: it means the youngest in the family.
  • Hodor: character of Game of Thrones famous for his loyalty.
  • Amon: Egyptian creator god.
  • Judge: It means wise in Arabic.
  • Zeus: Greek god of thunder.
  • Thor: Norse god of thunder.
  • Milo: It comes from German and means nice.
  • Horus: Egyptian god of heaven and earth.
  • Nadir: It means exceptional in Arabic.
  • Sergio: comes from Latin and means guardian.

For females we suggest you:

  • Juno: Roman goddess of the family and wife of Jupiter.
  • Ada: It is of Hebrew origin and refers to happiness.
  • Berta: Germanic name that means famous.
  • Cloe: Its origin is Greek and refers to green grass.
  • Soul: comes from Latin and means good heart.
  • Astrid: is of Nordic origin and means princess.
  • Daphne: Greek nymph turned into laurel.
  • Lucia: means light
  • Chantal: It comes from Latin and means clean.
  • Jamal: means beauty in Arabic.
  • Iris: Greek goddess messenger of Zeus.
  • Delia: natural of the island of Delos.
  • Fiona: Welsh name that means clean or pure.
  • Sunrise: It symbolizes light.

Learn to care for your Siamese cat

Now that more than 100 names for Siamese cats, males and females, have you decided on any of our list? Leave us your comments explaining which of them you have selected! In addition, you can discover all about the siamese cat breed in our Siamese cat care article, a great guide to know what needs and care the breed requires.

Likewise, you can also find out about the feeding of the Siamese cat or the most common and frequent Siamese cat diseases in the breed. All this will help you take care of your cat in the way it deserves!

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