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Ashera Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

Ashera cat is undoubtedly a trendy cat either for its slender and beautiful figure, for the quiet and silent character or for the exorbitant price of those who created him. Indeed, the Ashera cat is a feline developed Read more

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Why is not my cat related to other cats?

The fact that a feline is related to other cats is very beneficial, since it will enjoy more company and consequently there will be no room for boredom, in addition, when the cats that are related play, it gives Read more

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Why do they say that cats have 7 lives?

How many times have you not heard and used the expression?Cats have 7 lives“? There are multiple theories that explain this well-known myth. Most, as esoteric and millennial as interesting and other scientists who refute the myth Read more

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Why do some cats have different colored eyes?

We all know that cats have an unparalleled beauty, but if we also add eyes of different colors, their charm is accentuated even more. This feature is known as heterochromia And it’s not exclusive to cats: dogs and people Read more

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Why do cats want more than one person?

As with people, cats have preferences when maintaining social relationships, so it is not surprising that they have a person or several as “favorites.” However, is that really true? Do cats prefer one person over the others? Or, on Read more

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Why do cats stare at nothing?

All those who have had the opportunity to live with cats, we know that these incredible cats can constantly surprise us with their habits and behaviors. In fact, these animals were worshiped by different cultures thanks to their innumerable Read more

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Why do cats smell their anus?

Those of us who have decided to share our lives and our homes with felines, know that there are many rare things that cats do. A particularly disconcerting situation occurs when the cat puts its tail on its guardian’s Read more

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Why do cats rub against things?

All people who live with cats know that when a cat rubs against them is that they want something, that is, it is a communication way. They try to tell us that they have a need, be it Read more

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Why do cats open their mouths when they smell something?

Probably many times you will have observed that while your cat sniffs open his mouth slightly, making a kind of grimace. You may think he’s surprised, but it’s not really a face of wonder.

People have a constant Read more

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Why do cats not perceive the sweet taste?

It’s hard to resist a rich ice cream or a good piece of cake, right? In fact, sweets are a real temptation for many people. But what is delicious to us can be a threat to the health of Read more

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