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Why do they say that cats have 7 lives?

How many times have you not heard and used the expression?Cats have 7 lives“? There are multiple theories that explain this well-known myth. Most, as esoteric and millennial as interesting and other scientists who refute the myth of the 7 lives, but tell us about the great strength of these feline creatures.

The belief that cats have 7 lives is popular in virtually everyone. In fact, in Anglo-Saxon countries such as England, they are so fond of cats, that they have generously donated two more opportunities, reaching 9 lives.

If you want to know where this expression comes from and know the different hypotheses, continue reading this article, where we will reveal the mystery that revolves around the supposed 7 lives of cats.

An ancestral belief

The belief that cats have 7 lives is as old as the Egyptian civilization. In Egypt was born the first theory that has to do with the oriental and spiritual concept of reincarnation. Reincarnation is a spiritual belief that when a person dies, their soul moves to another body or another life and that this can happen multiple times. That is to say, what dies is only the body.

The ancient Egyptians had the conviction that the cat was the animal that shared this ability with man, and that at the end of his sixth life, in the seventh, he would already reincarnate in a human form.

Cats, magic symbols

Some people believe that cats are magical creatures that are spiritually elevated and use the phrase “cats have seven lives” in a figurative sense, to express certain ability that cats have, sensory level, to perceive the vibratory changes in seven different levels or to say that they possess seven levels of consciousness, capacity with which we do not count human beings. A somewhat complicated theory, no?

Another hypothesis has to do with the number 7 as such. In many cultures it is believed that numbers have their own and particular meaning. The 7 is considered as the lucky number, and since these felines are sacred animals, this digit was given to them to represent them in numerology.

Cats are like Superman

The rational theory All cats are “supergatos”. These fabulous cats have skills, almost supernatural, to survive extreme falls and dramatic situations that other creatures would not live to tell. They have exceptional strength, agility and endurance.

Interesting scientific data explains that cats can fall on their feet, almost 100% of the time. This is due to a special reflex that they have called “straightening reflex” that allows them to turn very quickly and prepare for the fall.

Another study conducted by veterinarians in New York at 1987 showed that the 90% of cats that fell from significant heights, up to 30 flats, managed to survive. The cats when they fall put their body completely rigid, which helps them cushion the fall blow. It seems that they have seven opportunities to live, but in real life, they have only one.

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