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Why is not my cat related to other cats?

The fact that a feline is related to other cats is very beneficial, since it will enjoy more company and consequently there will be no room for boredom, in addition, when the cats that are related play, it gives vent to their instinct of predators, something that is obviously also healthy.

However we can not expect a good response from all cats, sometimes, some cats remain very reluctant to make contact with another animal of the same species and if this situation is what you live, surely look for answers. If you have asked, Why is not my cat related to other cats? Do not stop reading this article, where we try to solve your doubts.

The environment of the cat

Although outdoor outings in freedom are fundamental for the cat, sometimes the home where our pet is hosted does not allow to enjoy this space, however, in other occasions although there is space in the open air, the cat is not allowed to leave for the dangers that this may entail.

Initially you should know that although the external environment seems dangerous, there are common dangers within our home that can kill a cat, however, you should also know that cats that are kept in the domestic environment statistically they live more than those who go outside without any control.

If your cat only lives inside the home and does not have the possibility to explore their surroundings, it will also be more normal for them not to want to interact with other cats and this can often be motivated by a stressful situation. In this case, what is the solution? The truth is that before having two cats at home you have to study this situation well, but there are other options, for example, to teach your cat to walk on a leash.

This will allow you to go abroad under your control, that is more likely to relate to other cats and also reduce their stress.

The socialization of the cat

During the first weeks of life a cat will absorb a lot of information about its environment and this will largely mark his behavior and will also determine the risk of aggressive behavior at an adult stage.

While it is true that aggressive behavior has a genetic component, the other influential factors are environmental and the most advisable to mold them in our favor and that of our pet is that the cat stays approximately until the 8 weeks with its mother, since will be of the cat who receives the primary socialization.

Then we have a long way ahead of us where we must expose the cat in the right way to the stimuli that will surround him throughout his life and where we must also expose it to the company of other animals.

If you have not been able to be with your cat since you were a puppy because you have received it later, do not be discouraged, you should know that it is possible to socialize an adult cat.

The sick and elderly cat

If our cat is already in the longest stage of his life it is normal that he is not predisposed to interact frequently or actively with other cats, and although this does not mean that he should not be stimulated, the truth is that it is a natural behavior in the elderly cat, that looks more than ever for rest and tranquility.

In contrast, a young cat or adult that does not relate to other cats, especially when it did, It can be a sick cat. Observe your pet to know if it suffers from any disease and go to the veterinarian before the minimum anomalous condition that you observe.

Obviously if you can not locate the cause of the lack of relationship of your cat with other congeners and you can not solve this problem, it is advisable that you go to an ethologist, the professional expert in feline behavior.

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