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Why do some cats have different colored eyes?

We all know that cats have an unparalleled beauty, but if we also add eyes of different colors, their charm is accentuated even more. This feature is known as heterochromia And it’s not exclusive to cats: dogs and people can also have different colored eyes.

In this article we will explain why some cats have different colored eyes, the doubts related to possible diseases and other interesting details that will surely surprise you. Keep reading!

Heterochromia, a condition of all species

Heterochromia does not occur only in cats, we can observe it in any species. Humans, Eskimo dogs or primates, for example, can also possess them. exist two types of heterochromia in cats:

  1. Complete heterochromia: in the complete heterochromia we observe that each eye has its own color. For example, a brown eye and a blue eye.
  2. Partial heterochromia: in this case the iris of an eye is divided into two colors, such as green and blue. It is much more frequent in humans.

What causes heterochromia in cats?

This condition can be congenital, that is, genetic origin and is directly related to pigmentation. The kittens are born with blue eyes, but their true hue is manifested between the 7 and 12 weeks of life, when the pigment begins to change the color of the iris and is that blue eyes are related to the absence of melanin.

It can also manifest itself due to the appearance of an illness or injury, in which case it is considered to be acquired, although it is rare in cats.

Some genetically prone races to develop heterochromia are:

Is the color of the skin related to the eyes of each color?

The genes that control the color of the eyes and skin are different, so the melanocytes associated with the coat can be more or less active than those of the eyes. The exception is given in the white cats. When epistasia is carried out (expression of the genes) white is the dominant one and masks other colors, in addition it makes them more prone to have blue eyes than other races of different colors.

Diseases of the eyes of cats with heterochromia

If the change of eye color in the cat occurs in adulthood It is convenient to visit the veterinarian. With the arrival of maturity, color changes may indicate uveitis (inflammation or blood in the cat’s eye). In addition, as we have mentioned, it can also occur after an injury or illness, in which case it is also convenient to visit the specialist.

Heterochromia should not be confused when the cat presents the white iris, in this case we can be in front of one of the glaucoma symptoms, a disease that gradually causes loss of vision. If left untreated, it can lead to blindness.

Curiosities about heterochromia in cats

Now that you know why some cats have different colored eyes, you may want to know in some curious facts about cats with this anomaly:

  • The Angora cat of Prophet Muhammad I had one eye for each color.
  • Is a false myth believe that cats with one eye of each color suffer deafness in one of the ears: around an 70% of cats with one eye of each color have a completely normal hearing. However, the truth is that deafness in white cats is quite frequent. That does not mean that all white cats with blue eyes are deaf, but they are more predisposed to suffer from hearing disability.
  • The actual color of a cat’s eyes can be observed after four months.
  • Cats with eyes of every color are much more valued by cat lovers.

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