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Why do cats want more than one person?

As with people, cats have preferences when maintaining social relationships, so it is not surprising that they have a person or several as “favorites.” However, is that really true? Do cats prefer one person over the others? Or, on the contrary, is it a myth?

In we have decided to review some of the scientific studies of feline ethology most popular to discover why cats want more to a person, do not miss it, many details could surprise you.

Why do cats prefer a person? What factors influence?

The puppy cats, especially those who are in full stage of socialization, do not yet perceive fear, which allows them to socialize positively with all kinds of animals and people. If we add to this the loss of the maternal figure and of the brothers, it is likely that the feline searches in the new home a support figure, which will follow and use as a reference.

The Interacciones Having the puppy during the process of socialization also explain this selective behavior: cats that have been manipulated by several unknown people suffer less fear, but have a tendency to suffer stress, to show few social behaviors and lack of game behavior. Meanwhile, kittens that have only interacted with one or a few people known in their puppy stage, tend to be more scary but with a more positive social behavior with those who know and frequent play behaviors. [1]

It is important to emphasize that the quality of life and the behavior of the cat are directly influenced by the characteristics of the owner [2], such as sex, age or care offered, so it is not surprising that those who spend more time on a cat are candidates to be their reference and support figure.

Finally highlight that the cat’s own character is influenced by genetics, fears and learning, sometimes unconscious, so that not all cats create a special bond with a single person.

How to know if I am my cat’s favorite person?

There are many signs that indicate that a cat loves you: knead, purr, lick or sleep with you are some of them, but there are many more. Even the naughty bites They can be a way of expressing affection, although we dislike it.

To know if you are your cat’s favorite person you should analyze your relationship with him and the one that you keep with other people, only in this way you will know if the signs of affection and the attention calls are exclusive for you or if you make them to any person in the home equally. But remember, even if you are not your favorite person (or do not have any) that does not mean your cat does not love you.

When a cat chooses you

Obviously, the different signs of affection from a cat tell us that he loves us, however, when he chooses us, he starts to encourage a much closer link with us. It is not surprising that he dares to smell our mouths, to sleep on our heads, to climb on top of us (even if it hurts), to touch our faces with his little feet or to sleep on top of us. They are much more personal and close behaviors that undoubtedly indicate that we are your favorite person.

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