advantagesofadoptinganadultcat 6093A1B2

Advantages of adopting an adult cat

Adopting a pet is a decision that can not be taken lightly. All members of the family must agree with the arrival of the animal at home, and commit to the responsibility that implies care and compliance with the

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8graycatbreeds 54279FE3

8 gray cat breeds

The gray cat breeds they are many, each one with different characteristics, behaviors and personalities, but with one feature in common: its beauty. These tonalities stand out for giving the cats an elegant appearance and a fine style. Do

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8breedsofcatsthatdonotloosehairs 0B8F7376

8 breeds of cats that do not loose hairs

When we think about adopting a cat, we must take into account some characteristics of the different feline breeds to choose the ideal companion according to our personality, our home and our availability of time and space. For example:

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7breedsofhairlesscats D52D6406

7 breeds of hairless cats

Many cats shine a beautiful and abundant coat, which gives them an attractive wild aspect. However, some feline breeds stand out exactly the opposite: the absence of hair. This curious appearance often awakens different feelings in people. While some

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6breedsoforientalcats 4CA8F2A6

6 breeds of oriental cats

There are different breeds of cats from the Asian continent, in fact, some of the most beautiful come from there. In general, Asian cats have a series of characteristics in common that makes them different from other breeds

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5thingsyoushouldknowbeforeadoptingacat 2C87535C

5 things you should know before adopting a cat

Having a pet is one of the best decisions you have made and if it is a cat, which is also adopted, then better than better! But are you prepared to have a pet at home? If you have

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5 exotic cat breeds

Cats are beautiful and beautiful by nature. Even when they are a certain age, cats still have a tender and youthful appearance, showing the world that the feline species always remains wonderful.

Even so, in this article we wanted

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12giantcatbreedsyoushouldknow D610AE37

12 giant cat breeds you should know

Our cats preserve the nobility and courage of an authentic feline, right? But some races go beyond greatness of spirit, and they are truly giants! Be it by its height or remarkable robustness, these pussycats usually impress thanks

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10reasonstoadoptacat 99361ECE

10 reasons to adopt a cat

Adopt a Stray cat or a homeless cat In an animal shelter it is a wonderful experience that every animal lover should ever do in his life. However, many wonder which of these options is the most appropriate, What

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10longhairedcats 81ADF4C6

10 long haired cats

There are many breeds of longhaired cats at the same time we found tremendously beautiful mestizo cats. Long hair is something that captivates many people, and no wonder! The graceful effect of the mantle is bewitching. Today we will

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