whencankittensbeseparatedfromtheirmother 315330BC

When can kittens be separated from their mother?

Before separating a kitten from its mother, we must consider some details that are of the utmost importance for the correct physical and psychological development of the feline. Separating it quickly can lead to the appearance of behavioral problems

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typesofsiamesecats 0BF0CC8C

Types of Siamese cats

Animal file: Siamese

Siamese cats they come from the ancient kingdom of Siam (the current Thailand), where it is said that such a feline race could only possess royalty. Fortunately, nowadays, any cat lover can enjoy this excellent and

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typesofscrapersforcats 5EF174FC

Types of scrapers for cats

The scrapers are essential objects for cats since they are animals that need to file their nails regularly, it is something innate in their behavior. They are also very necessary to avoid destroying your furniture.

In this article we

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Types of Persian cats

Card of the animal: Persian

The Persian cat is the feline with the most registered pedigree. Currently this cat from ancient Persia (present-day Iran), which arrived in Italy at 1620, has 13 types different.

But each type

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tipsforthefirstdaysofacatathome ECDA414D

Tips for the first days of a cat at home

La arrival of a new cat at home It is a very exciting event for all the tutors. If you have just adopted a kitten, you will surely be eager to play with him, caress him and watch him

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tipsforadoptingastraycat 47418ADE

Tips for adopting a stray cat

Have you become fond of a stray cat Who visits your garden and have you decided to adopt it? Whether it is this motive or another has been the cause that has led you to make this decision, we

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theoldestcatbreedsintheworld CD63B238

The oldest cat breeds in the world

Much is said about the seniority of cats and of human adoration for these beautiful felines. At present, we know that they were already portrayed as companions of humans in ancient paintings of the Egyptian civilization, which inhabited the

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themostlovingcatbreeds C190AE49

The most loving cat breeds

The vast majority of domestic cats are affable pets, but there are some of them in which this feature stands out. Therefore, in this article we will point out the most loving cat breeds.

Surely many affable and

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thebestcatstohaveinaflat AF6B63FC

The best cats to have in a flat

More and more families are launching to have animals in the home, since the benefits of having a pet are many more than the possible inconveniences. But undoubtedly, the king of pets at home in recent years is the

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thebestcatsforchildren 556C556A

The best cats for children

Are you thinking about putting a cat in your family? If you have children, it is recommended that, before deciding on one or the other, you have in mind a series of characteristics that have a lot to

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