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The 5 cat breeds that most like water

Did you know that there is also cats that like water? So is! And not only do they like it, many of them love to bathe and swim! In many cases this passion is innate, while in others it is necessary to carry out an adequate process of education and socialization in which to relate water and baths with positive stimuli.

Keep reading and discover in this article the list of breeds of cats that like water, and some more curiosities.

What happens to cats with water?

Why are cats afraid of water? This is one of the most frequent questions among cat tutors, and that is when the time comes to the bathroom this experience can become a whole torture. Likewise, many felines refuse to drink water from their bowls, leading their humans to wonder what is the amount of water a cat should drink. Well, starting with this last point, it should be noted that most cats are attracted to the water in motion, being the ideal to replace the classic bowl with a water source for cats, for example. Surely more than once you have caught your pussycat drinking from the tap, right? Well, you know why! That said, a cat of about 5 kg should eat an average of 250 ml of water per day. Depending on your diet, this number may increase or decrease.

Now, yes, what happens to cats with water? Why can not they get wet? There are several theories that shuffle the reason for this fear, although still today there is no clear and definitive answer. One of the most widespread is the one that refers to the origin of almost all breeds of cats, as most comes from desert areas from the Middle East, where water was limited and, therefore, its contact with it. Another defends that the fact of getting completely soaked, making his coat heavier, causes the cat a feeling of lack of mobility and agility, causing feel trapped, and felines in general hate that their freedom is compromised.

Despite the above, the evolution of the cat throughout history has made this animal come into contact with water and even need it to survive, hunting and fishing, so some have managed to adapt and tolerate it No problem. Therefore, below we show the breeds of cats that most like water. Of course, remember that the education received plays a key role in the acceptance of water, especially in bathrooms, so if the animal is not properly socialized or this resource is not introduced properly, no matter their race.

Do cats like to be bathed?

In general, no. For cats, the moment of bathing is not a pleasant experience, precisely because of the sensation we mentioned earlier. It produces fear and fear because they feel held and immobile. Now, is it possible that cats like baths? Of course! With positive reinforcement and good socialization, a cat can learn to tolerate this moment and, even, to enjoy it. Many tutors make the mistake of forcing their animals, a fact that increases their rejection and significantly impairs the learning of this acceptance. Thus, the best thing is always to respect the rhythm of the cat, let it be introduced little by little and show him that bathing is something positive for him. For a better result, it is important to start when he is a puppy, although if we adopt an adult cat we can also guide him.

1. Norwegian Forest, a cat that loves water

One of the things that most characterize the Norwegian forest cat is its desire for water, being one of the breeds of cats that have no fear of water. So much so, that they are even excellent swimmers despite its abundant mantle. In addition, as a curious fact we can say that it is one of the oldest feline races in the world, since his figure was already in myths and legends of Scandinavian mythology.

The Norwegian forest is a cat of big size, which can weigh up to 9-10 kg. Its beautiful mantle requires certain care to stay in perfect condition, such as regular brushing, bathing with appropriate products and a quality feed, rich in omega 3 and 6. It stands out for its loving and protective character.

2. Does maine coon like water? YES!

Al Maine coon he loves water and snow, so it is one of the cats that most enjoys bath time. In addition, we are facing an extremely sweet, affectionate, attentive, friendly and playful feline. Therefore, a perfect entertainment for him is to play with water, either through a fountain for cats or through the faucet of the bathroom or kitchen.

Along with the previous one, the Maine coon is one of the largest cats in the world, weighing between 6 and 10 kg. Likewise, it has a long and lush coat, which must be brushed regularly to avoid the formation of knots.

3. Turkish Van, a cat passionate about water

If the cat is famous for something Turkish, apart from its enormous beauty and eyes of different colors, it is in itself a passion for water. This cat likes to bathe, play with water, swim in pools, rivers or lakes. So, if you are planning a vacation with your cat in a warm place, with water areas such as swimming pools or beaches, do not hesitate to take it with you !, Together you will enjoy unforgettable moments.

In addition, this breed of cat usually gets along very well with children because he loves to play, as well as climbing to high places. Therefore, it is very important to offer an adequate environmental enrichment.

4. Turkish Angora, another cat that loves water!

Another breed of cats that like water is the Turkish Angora, and that is that this feline he loves to play with the drops that fall from the tap, with the water from the springs, and even swim and swim. As with previous races, this desire for water may seem curious despite having one of the most abundant mantles but, as we say, they have managed to adapt.

Again, it is important to emphasize the importance of brushing this cat regularly. In addition, to avoid the formation of hair balls in the stomach it is advisable to offer malt for cats.

5. Siberian, an excellent swimming cat!

The Siberian cat feels like a fish in water! He loves swim, bathe and, above all, play. This ancient race is the perfect companion of people who love to take trips to explore nature, to walk in the mountains or to swim in lakes. In addition, we must say that it is one of the hypoallergenic cats, so it can also coexist with people with allergies.

Does your cat like water?

Although your cat is not part of the previous breeds, if you notice that you like water you should not miss or worry, because more and more cats adapt to contact with it. In addition, we want to emphasize that not only breed cats can be attracted to water, the mestizo cats also They can experience immense pleasure during the bath, playing with the water that falls from the tap or swimming, especially if they have been well educated.

Leave your comment and tell us your experience! Tell us if your cat likes water and what he enjoys most.

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