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Names geeks for cats

The time of choose the name of our cat It may seem like a simple initial detail of the adoption, but it is a fundamental aspect for their upbringing. Both the Pussycat and his guardian (or their family members) should feel identified with the chosen name, as it will be part of the bond formed throughout the life they will share.

Although there is no manual of norms or contraindications when choosing the name of our pets, it is important to pay attention to certain recommendations that will be useful in your day to day life. For example: if you choose to name it with terms that you use regularly, such as “today” or “tomorrow”, it may confuse our feline or hinder his identification with this word. On the other hand, if you choose a very long name or difficult to pronounce, you may end up calling your cat always by some nickname.

Are you looking for an original and fun name for your pussycat? So, in this new one, you will find some suggestions of names geeks for cats and their origins. More than 20 ideas!

What are the names geeks?

There are many people who confuse being “geek” with being scary or bizarre. But in reality, the names geeks are nothing more than fun and original ideas, that escape from “the common” and are usually based on peculiar personalities or personalities that marked literature, cinema, scientific fiction, the arts in general or History.

Many tutors, for example, choose to give their cat the name of some character that marked his childhood or adolescence. While others also focus on the physical or behavioral characteristics of their pussycat to find similarities with the protagonists of books, movies, cartoons or television series. Have you already thought about giving your pussycat a geek name? You can know some ideas in our list below. Do not miss it!

Names geeks for male cats

  • Galileo: if you are interested in science and astronomy, surely you know that Galileo was one of the most outstanding characters in our history. And such an important personality could not have a less imposing name. How about paying tribute to this great thinker in the name of your pussycat?
  • Casanova: Giacomo Casanova was a writer and diplomat distinguished by his adventurous, creative and libertine personality. But he also shared his last name with his brother painters Giovanni Battista and Francesco Casanova. If your cat has a mysterious air and it has plenty of energy, you can give it this elegant and peculiar name.
  • Pikachu: the animated child-youth “Pokémon” has marked the childhood and adolescence of many generations. In addition, his characters offer us many names geeks for cats and dogs. Pikachu is, without a doubt, the pokemon of greater international transcendence, but we also have Ash, Brock, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, etc.
  • Caligula: one of the most peculiar Roman imperators in history. Controversial, daring and with an unmistakable personality . Does your pussycat have such a “spicy” character? Then, you can consider naming it “Caligula”.
  • Tiberius or Tiberius: Tiberius Julius Caesar or simply Tiberius was the Roman emperor who preceded Caligula. As a young man, he has been a brilliant general of the Roman Empire, who has transformed himself into a monarch who is somewhat shy and secluded, but very determined and rational in his opinions.
  • Anakin o Father: there are few villains as historical as Darth Vader, from the space epic “Star Wars” (“Star Wars”). There is no shortage of admirers and fans of this brilliant creation by George Lucas, and they will know that if we talk about “Anakin”, we refer to the birth name of this unforgettable character.
  • Yoda: Honoring the wise master of the Jedi is more of a good idea for “Star Wars” fans. But there are also other names geeks based on the characters in the series, such as Han Solo, Skywalker, Kenobi, Boba, Erso, Chewbacca, etc.
  • Excalibur: is the name of the famous “magic” sword that only King Arthur has managed to remove from the stone where it was embedded. Does your cat have a lot of energy and a very special personality? Then, Excalibur can be the ideal name for him .
  • “Bram”: the great novelist Abraham “Bram” Stoker is the creator of the unforgettable Count Dracula. Besides being creative and talented, this writer was the owner of an eccentric personality and remarkable intelligence. If your cat looks like this description, maybe he has found a good name for him .
  • ShrekThe most famous ogre in the world is the classic example of “rude on the outside, charming on the inside”. Your pussycat has a “bad face”, but is it true love? So, “Shrek” can go very well to describe your partner.
  • Wolverine: Yes, it’s the werewolf of the X-Men comics. But who said that you can not show your fanaticism for the Marvel also in the name of your pussycat?
  • Severus: the fans of the books and movies of the saga “Harry Potter” will be happy with this option. “Severus” (the enigmatic Professor Snape) is a strong and elegant name for your pussycat and an excellent idea to honor the fantastic creation of JK Rowling. And if you want more options, you can choose other characters in the series, such as Draco, Dumbledore, Severus (or Snape), Potter, Dobby, Ron, Sirius, Remus, etc.
  • Neo: How to forget the protagonist of the saga “Matrix”, played in the cinema by Keanu Reeves? Neo is, by itself, a different and somewhat enigmatic name, excellent for naming black kittens with great bravery and remarkable intelligence.
  • Goku: if your pussycat is robust and owns a privileged “hair”, you can call it “Goku”, as the peculiar protagonist of the cartoon “Dragon Ball” (“Dragon Ball”).
  • Tyrion: If you have also joined the followers of the super production “Game of Thrones” (“Game of Trones”), “Tyrion” is a good name geek for cats with an active personality, insightful, intelligent and very stubborn. Does the description remind you of your pussycat?
  • Sauron: This name geek is inspired by one of the most prominent characters in the saga “The Lord of the Rings” and is an excellent choice for the black pussycat with bright and intense eyes. But if you do not like this idea, you also have other original names to honor the creation of Tolkien, such as Frodo, Legolas, Galdalf, Aragorn or Gollum, for example.
  • Marshmallow: perhaps, it is not a name as powerful or historical as the previous ones, but “Marshmallow” is an adorable option, mainly for those pussycat with a privileged appetite.

Names geeks for female cats

  • Read: if you have a beautiful kitten and you are also a fan of the space epic “Star Wars”, you can give her the name of the brave and charming Princess Leia.
  • Safo: Sappho of Mytilene has been a Greek poet, thinker and artist who lived in the 6th century BC Sappho has stood out in an almost exclusive medium of men. Therefore, her bold, creative, energetic and stubborn personality remains an example of women’s struggle for equality. If you are looking for a strong name, original and full of meaning for your minina, you can pay homage to this great woman.
  • Osha: this is our suggestion for the fanatical tutors of “Game of Thrones” who want to give a geek name for their minina. Being a short name, strong and easy to pronounce, you can facilitate the identification of your cat and help in their training. But this superproduction also has other fantastic women, such as Olenna, Lyanna, Yara, Sansa, Cersei or Arya.
  • Arwen: lovers of the “Lord of the Rings” can also give an original name to their kittens, paying tribute, for example, to the beautiful elf Arwen. In the same saga, you also have other very elegant and creative feminine names, like Elanor, Galadriel or Éowyn.
  • Bellatrix: one of our favorite ideas to honor the female characters of the magical saga “Harry Potter”. But we also highlight other emblematic women who marked this story, such as Hermione, Luna, Nymphadora, Ginny, Minerva, Cho, etc.
  • Misty: Misty is the companion of Ash and one of the most important female characters in the animated saga “Pokémon”. Other ideas of geek names for your kitten inspired by these peculiar drawings are: Jynx, Chansey, Flabébé, Nidorina, Vullaby, etc.
  • Shelley: Mary Shelley has been a talented novelist who, among many fantastic creations, gave birth to Doctor Frankstein and his “monster”. If your kitten is elegant, intelligent and very creative, you can give her the name of this great artist.
  • Ripley: This name geek is a tribute to Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, star of the films “Alien”. Ideal to name an active, intelligent and full of courage minina!
  • Katniss: the new fans of the fantastic saga “The Hunger Games” can also pay tribute to the brave protagonist Katniss Everdeen, choosing her very peculiar name for her companion 4 legs.
  • Satine: an unusual and very elegant name for one of the most beautiful and attractive characters in modern cinema. The brilliant remake of “Moulin Rouge” brings the beautiful actress Nicole Kidman into the skin of Satine, whose destiny is crossed by love, art and the misadventures of one’s life. An excellent name for a cat of remarkable beauty and a lot of attitude!
  • Trynity: the enigmatic and courageous female protagonist of “Matrix”, interpreted in the cinema by the beautiful actress Carrie-Anne Moss. A good choice for fans of this philosophical-futuristic story.
  • Maleficent: Maleficent, the best of the bad. Performed by the only Angelina Jolie in the latest film version of the classic fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”. A powerful and mysterious name, ideal for a black kitten with big eyes and a firm and kind character.
  • Leeloo: is the character played by Milla Jovovich in the saga “The fifth element”. A strong, courageous and obstinate woman, capable of fighting against everyone to defend their life and their ideals. A geek name with a lot of meaning for your beautiful minina.
  • Carrie: maybe, be one of the most “bizarre” option among the names geeks for female cats. It is a reference to the scary character played by Sissy Spacek in the original film version.
  • Sugar Kane: a female character little known to younger generations, but much remembered by the admirers of Marilyn Monroe. The admirable actress and singer has played Sugar Kane in 1959’s movie “Con faldas ya lo loco” (“Some Like It Hot”). A true classic of comedy!
  • Mystique: one of the most famous and interesting female characters of the saga “X-Men”, interpreted in the cinema by Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romjin. An excellent option for kittens with gray or bluish hair and a somewhat enigmatic look.

Does your kitten or kitten have an original, different and creative name that is not on our list? So, leave us your comment and help us to know new names geeks for cats!

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