woundsincatsfirstaid 47518B5E

Wounds in cats – First aid

Cats have a very wild essence and love to do activities that require a certain risk, even in the house. And although they are very intelligent and cautious, it is very common that accidents tend to occur that cause

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whymyeyescry A1071A07

Why my eyes cry?

Although cats can also feel sadness and pain, the cause of your tears are not the feelings. Many times we have seen our cats with excessive tearing and we have not known if it is normal or not.

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whyismycatdrowning 9F01B9DF

Why is my cat drowning?

When a Cat shows signs of drowning Right away we worry and we ask ourselves what is happening to him. In this article we are going to expose the common causes that can cause our cat to drown or,

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whydocatseattheirnewbornkittens 43B4FD0D

Why do cats eat their newborn kittens?

A litter of kittens that is about to be born is always cause for nervousness in the home, but also of emotion. Surely you have been anxious about the arrival of the new members of the family, wondering what

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whydoesnotmycatmullwell 6FD68D4A

Why does not my cat mull well?

El meow of the cat It is one of its most characteristic features. For an attentive observer it will not have gone unnoticed that cats rarely communicate with each other emitting any sound, so there are studies that claim

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whydoesmycatvomityellow CDE51385

Why does my cat vomit yellow?

Many tutors are concerned when they notice that their felines vomit a liquid or a foam of green or yellowish color. And his concern is totally justified: vomiting in cats can occur with some frequency, but it should not

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whydoesmycatvomitwhitefoam BA34713F

Why does my cat vomit white foam?

Although many caregivers think it is normal for cats to vomit frequently, the fact is that acute episodes of vomiting or recurrent vomiting over time are always a reason for veterinary consultation and can have many different causes. In

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whydoesmycatvomitblood 96FDCEC3

Why does my cat vomit blood?

Every time blood makes its appearance, concern among animal caretakers is inevitable. In this article we are going to focus on one of the possibilities of hemorrhaging with which we can find ourselves, which is none other than vomiting

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whydoesmycatvomitaftereating 39A45E37

Why does my cat vomit after eating?

Surely, as catkeepers, we’ve seen our feline throw up. Vomiting sporadically does not have to be worrisome, but we should not take it as normal for a cat to vomit every week or even more frequently.

Vomiting can have

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whydoesmycatsoundhisguts 282B7631

Why does my cat sound his guts?

The noises that the digestive system generates in its habitual transit are called borborygms. They are completely normal sounds but if they sound excessively strong and frequent and, above all, are accompanied by other symptoms such as diarrhea,

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