whymycathasonlyhadonekitten 16B8E391

Why my cat has only had one kitten

If we have raised our cat and it has had only one offspring, we usually worry because cats are usually known to breed in an exorbitant way, is this your case?

In this article, we will review the different

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whydoesnotmycatgrowhair D6BF9F76

Why does not my cat grow hair?

The main reasons that can explain why a cat does not grow his hair are: the presence of parasites, the development of skin diseases, allergies, stress or the shedding of the mantle. To determine the exact cause, it is

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whydoesmycatloosesomuchhaircausesandsolu F4D1564C

Why does my cat loose so much hair? – Causes and solutions

For nobody is a secret: cats loose hair. But why? In general, the most common causes are: hair loss, external parasites, inadequate nutrition, skin diseases or stress. If the loss of hair is part of its nature, it

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whyarenotrattlesforcatsgood 6F5F28A6

Why are not rattles for cats good?

Surely you are used to the jingle bells for cats, we have seen them in famous cartoons and even in popular sayings “Who put the bell to the cat?”. But, you are sure that this practice is

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whatshouldidotocleanacatwithoutbathingit E3F4D01D

What should I do to clean a cat without bathing it?

If you have a cat you will probably know that these pets are allergic to water, that is, they hate bathrooms and everything that has to do with them. Anyway, if your pet gets dirty in excess, there is

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whatisdeinkingincats 3F2157ED

What is de-inking in cats?

If you share your home with one or more kittens, or you are a curious admirer of the feline world, you may already have heard about the “decolonization” and the controversy that awakens among veterinarians, researchers and tutors. However,

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tipstostrengthentheimmunesystemincats A06A4AFC

Tips to strengthen the immune system in cats

Cats are resistant animals, explorers and instinctual, however, your body, as with other animals as with humans, is susceptible to many diseases, and although these can not always be prevented, the truth is that The better the state of

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tipstoremovetartarincats F38D3FC3

Tips to remove tartar in cats

Maybe you’ve ever seen dirt in your cat’s mouth or even noticed bad breath. This is due to the accumulation of tartar on their teeth, because they are exactly the same as us with oral problems.

In this article

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tipstopreventmycatfromescaping 55966035

Tips to prevent my cat from escaping

The reasons why a cat has a tendency to run away from home are not always the same, but the street is very dangerous for domestic cats. Cats and adult cats can escape as a result of jealousy,

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tipstocareforsmallcats 1ADDDC3C

Tips to care for small cats

Is there anything more adorable than a little kitten? Probably for lovers of cats there is no more tender image than a cat arriving at home in its early stages of life. For the cat, this is a stage

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