whydoesnotmycatwanttoeat F5BBF141

Why does not my cat want to eat?

Your cat does not want to eat? Neither do you seem to want to drink water? Sometimes we see that our cats are inapetent and although it may be nothing, sometimes it means that something is not right. The

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whattodoifmycateatstoofast 002CF240

What to do if my cat eats too fast?

Normally cats are not problematic with food. The intake is regulated and they eat until they are satisfied, leaving part of the feed in their feeder on many occasions. But there are some cats that for some reason they

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Wet food for homemade cats

If you share your life with a cat you probably already have realized that one of the best ways to earn your trust is through food. The cats are very gluttonous animals and, at the same time, extremely selective.

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thefeedingofthecat EA88A686

The feeding of the cat

Cat feeding, both adult and puppy, is directly related to their development and health. For this reason it is very important to know what our pet’s needs are to feed it properly and have a healthy 100% feline.


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thebestfeedforcatswithkidneyfailure B14E9222

The best feed for cats with kidney failure

La renal insufficiency It is one of the most common problems in elderly cats and there are two types: kidney failure, which is usually caused by an infection or the appearance of toxins and chronic kidney disease, caused by

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thebestbalancedfoodsforcats C27B839B

The best balanced foods for cats

The cat is a wild animal perfectly adapted to life in a human home, but this feline descends mainly from the African wildcat (Felix libica), which hunts alone small prey such as mice and birds, the cat keeps intact

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softdietforcatswithdiarrhea 752983DD

Soft diet for cats with diarrhea

Cats are wild animals that can adapt to domestic life without any problem. However, despite their innate strength, they are susceptible to certain health problems and it is not difficult for these animals to manifest digestive disorders.


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salmonoilforcatsdosageandproperties 2B29F036

Salmon oil for cats – Dosage and properties

El salmon oil is a type of natural fat extracted from the tissues of some salmonid fish, specifically from different species of marine salmon. As well as fish oil, it is a very rich supplement in omega 3 It

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Raw diet or BARF for cats – Example, benefits and tips

If you have a cat at home, you will know how much you enjoy eating. Just listen to your bag of food or sniff the can of wet food, your pussycat goes crazy and does not leave you alone

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prohibitedfoodsforcats 182CD801

Prohibited foods for cats

If you live with a cat it is important that you know all those Foods that are good for your body and avoid giving them products that they can not digest correctly. When a cat eats a food that

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