Do cats feel the cold?

When humans are cold we have several options to wrap and / or warm the environment where we are so we can stop feeling it, but have you ever wondered what happens to our pets when the cold temperatures arrive? And especially to cats, which unlike other furry animals, they do not have such abundant fur nor double layer, like that of dogs for example.

Do cats feel cold? This question and some other questions are what we will reveal in this article, so you know how to make your pussycat feel warm and at ease when the cold starts and the temperatures drop.

Cats are more sensitive to temperature changes

The first thing to keep in mind is that cats are more sensitive to temperature changes than us, especially if they are used to living only indoors. In spite of the change of hair they make in the fall and that prepares them better for the winter, and that they can withstand contact with surfaces up to 50 ÂșC of temperature (hence, many times we see our cats climbed on top of the stoves or the radiators), the cats feel the same cold or even more than us and in particular, we must take special care with:

  • The breeds with little or no hair: Some breeds of cats such as the Ukrainian levkoy, the peterbald, the sphynx or sphynx cat, or the Siamese cat that have almost no or very little hair, are prone to feel more cold and therefore have to watch them more in winter and provide them with extra protection against the cold.
  • The sick cats: Like humans, cats that suffer from a disease tend to have low defenses and are more prone to colds at low temperatures.
  • Small or older cats: Baby or young cats do not have a fully developed immune system and older cats that have more than 7 years have it weakened, therefore, their defenses are also lower and more susceptible to suffering from disease when there are changes of temperatures and the felines are cold.

Tips to keep your cat from feeling cold

  1. Although it is obvious, a Adequate and balanced feeding It will make our cat much healthier and endure the cold better. But keep in mind that during the winter, the pigs tend to exercise less and be less active than at other times of the year, and therefore if they are always indoors they do not have to provide them with more food or any food supplement because they do not they will burn and they may suffer some problem that results in feline obesity. On the other hand, if your cat usually walks outside the house or lives outside, it is better to provide an extra energy boost when you feed it so that it maintains its body temperature well.
  2. A good way to keep your cat from being cold when you’re at home is to close the windows, turn on the heater or radiators and Maintain a warm and comfortable environment both for them and for us. You can also open the curtains or blinds of the windows so that the rays of sunlight from the outside and so your cat can lie down and warm up while they give it directly.
  3. If you are not at home, it is advisable that you do not leave the radiators on or the heating set to avoid domestic accidents, but what you should do is to prepare several strategic places so that your cat can shelter when you are outside, placing Many blankets and a bed with hot water bags in several areas of the house, especially if your pet does not have or has little hair. In this case you can also provide special clothes for cats.
  4. Whether you’re at home or not, apart from leaving several blankets available for your pussycat to take shelter from the cold, you can also condition your bed and your sofa with a good quilt, quilt or blanket that isolates it and makes it better support the low temperatures.

Cats can also catch a cold

The way to confirm that cats feel the cold is when they constipated because, like humans and many other animals, cats can also catch cold and suffer many symptoms similar to those we have as:

  • Produce more mucus than normal through the nose
  • Having red and / or watery eyes
  • Sneeze more than usual
  • Feeling apathetic and not very active.

In these cases, it is necessary to go as soon as possible to a good veterinarian to examine your pet and determine the appropriate treatment you must give before your pussy worsens. You can also take advantage of some home remedies for the cat’s cold.

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