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To secure the adoption of the kitten, you'll need to make a deposit or pay the full amount upfront (the deposit is non-refundable). The remaining payment can be settled upon pickup from our location or two days prior to shipping if you require delivery. 

For financing options: 
you can apply through our website by filling out our form 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our kitties!

Return Policy:
As per our sales contract, you're eligible for a kitten return only in case of a genetic disease detected within the first 48 business hours by a licensed veterinarian. 
While we refund the kitten amount, shipping costs are non-refundable.
Please note that allergies to the cat are not grounds for a return. Additionally, if a kitten stops using the litter box, it doesn't qualify for a return. 
Delivery Options:

We offer four delivery methods:

*   Plane Cargo Delivery ($550): Available to the nearest airport with American Airlines or Alaska Airlines facility. Not applicable for specific breeds or extreme temperatures.
*   Car Delivery: Available for nearby states; price varies by location.
*  Nanny Delivery ($900): A courier accompanies the kitten on the flight, caring for it during travel. Exclusions may apply.
* Personal Delivery ($1200): A 'door-to-door' service using various transportation means. Applicable to all states; exclusions may apply

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