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Why my eyes cry?

Although cats can also feel sadness and pain, the cause of your tears are not the feelings. Many times we have seen our cats with excessive tearing and we have not known if it is normal or not.

Normally it is not about anything to worry about and cleaning your eyes a bit solves the problem, but depending on the color of the tears, the state of the eye and the duration of the tearing we can know what is happening to our cat and in what way to act.

If ever you wondered Why my eyes cry? And you do not know the cause or how to act, keep reading this article from Expertoanimal in which we explain that it may be happening to your furry friend.

Foreign object in the eye

If your cat’s tears are clear and you see that his eye is healthy, that is, it is not red and there seems to be no ulcer, it may be that have something inside that is irritating you, like a speck of dust or a hair. The eye will try to expel it naturally, producing an excess of tears.

That I have to do? This type of tearing does not usually need treatment, you have to let your own eye get rid of its annoying inhabitant. If you want you can dry the tears that fall with a soft and absorbent paper, but nothing more.

In case the problem lasts for more than a day you should take it to the veterinarian, as this type of tearing should last only a few hours.

Blocked lacrimal or epiphora

The tear duct is a small tube located at one end of the eye that causes tears to flow towards the nose. When this is blocked there is an excess of tears that fall down the face. With the hair and the constant humidity produced by tearing cause skin irritations and infections.

The tear duct can be blocked by different problems, such as an infection, eyelashes that grow inwards or a scratch. In addition, cats with a flattened face are prone to epiphora, such as Persians. This problem usually causes, in addition, darkening of the area and the appearance of a scab around the eye

That I have to do? In most cases there is no need for treatment because the cat can coexist perfectly with the blocked tear, unless you have vision problems. In this case, the cat must be taken to the veterinarian and this is the one who decides what to do. If it is caused by an infection, the tears will be yellowish and the professional will decide if they are given antibiotics or anti-inflammatories. When it comes to a tab that is growing inward, it will have to be removed by a simple operation.


Cats can suffer from allergies, just like people. And, in the same way, they can be produced by anything, be it dust, pollen, etc. In addition to some symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or itchy nose, among others, the allergy also causes ocular discharge.

That I have to do? If you think that the origin of the tearing of your cat can be an allergy and you do not know what is due, you should take it to the veterinarian to do the corresponding tests.


If the tearing of your cat is yellowish or greenish it indicates that there are some complications that are harder to deal with. Although it may simply be an allergy or a cold, in many cases it is a symptom of an infection.

That I have to do? Sometimes we get scared and we can not stop wondering why my cat’s eyes are crying. You have to stay calm, remove everything that may irritate your eyes from the environment and take it to the veterinarian to decide if you need antibiotics.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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