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Why my cat has only had one kitten

If we have raised our cat and it has had only one offspring, we usually worry because cats are usually known to breed in an exorbitant way, is this your case?

In this article, we will review the different reasons that respond to why my cat has only had one kitten, the truth is that it is more common than you think.

Keep reading and discover the reasons for this event as well as some factors that can help you not to do that:

Probable causes

As with other mammals some factors influence during pregnancy: the age, a good state of physical health, the sperm, the feeding and the successful times of mating can be some examples of it. Whatever the reason why you have had only one descendant do not worry, it is not something serious, it happens many times.

We must realize that pregnancy is a very delicate state in any animal, it is very important that let’s set a minimum age to start making them procreate as well as procure welfare, tranquility and a good diet.

Obviously the best one can advise you on this circumstance is the veterinarian, only he can rule out the symptoms of some disease in the cat as well as give you some tips for it.

Other options

You will probably know that there are shelters for cats in your community or country. If you are passionate about having kittens or are looking to expand the family, why do not you go to these places?

You should know that raising a cat is not advisable or solidary: while your cat suffers discomfort during pregnancy there are millions of small kittens that They want someone to take care of them like you would.

We know that it is beautiful to have a descendant of our beloved pet: we think we are going to have a bit of it in the kitten, but the truth is that we are taking away the opportunity to make another cat that was not wanted happy.

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