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Why has my cat’s character changed?

When it comes to the personality of the felines, there is nothing written. The character of each one is quite different, which is why it is possible to find from timid and fearful minins, to the most curious, daring and adventurous.

If you have a cat at home it is probably not difficult for you to know what preferences your furry friend has, how he will react to certain situations and what his usual mood is. That is why when something changes in the character of your cat it is time to review the possible causes that have triggered this change to remedy them. Therefore, in we explain why your cat’s character has changed and how to solve it.

The character of your cat

As the feline grows, it is easy to notice what its definitive character will be. No cat is equal to another, there are some who like to be independent and spend most of their time alone, while others seek to be the main company of their human friends. Some are more affectionate, more timid, shy, etc., and their reactions and moods can be predictable when they have spent some time living in the home.

That’s why the sudden changes in the cat’s habitual character they cause confusion in humans, and it is often difficult to know what motivates this transformation. Because of this it is necessary to be aware of possible signs, such as: constant meowing and for no apparent reason, aggression, lack of appetite, melancholy attitude, nervousness, avoiding contact, urine marking, among others.

The above are just some of the signs that may indicate a change of character in your cat, accompanied by a different mood that usually has. There are several reasons that trigger this new behavior, so it is convenient to know them to know how to deal with them.

Time of zeal

Zeal is a stage in the life of your cat, whether male or female, that triggers a drastic change of character. If you are new to having a cat as a companion, it will surely take you by surprise.

A male in heat sprays with his urine everything he finds to ward off potential competitors and mark his territory. In addition, he has more desire to leave home and becomes aggressive with other cats. The female, on the other hand, emits strong meows to attract possible pairs of mating, accompanying this with expulsions of urine in different places of the home and a much more affectionate attitude not only with her human, but with everything that is at her He passed.

If you do not want your cat to run the risk of suffering an accident by going out looking for females or your cat has a litter, we recommend having them inside the house while the heat passes and advise you with your veterinarian about the best time to perform the sterilization .

The character of your cat after castration has changed

The process of castration of felines implies that the hormones related to heat will not be secreted again, so it is very possible that you observe a transformation in the temperament of your cat, which in most cases is positive.

A cat or neutered cat it will become more home and quiet, avoiding the possible dangers of the outside. Your personality will be more calm and sedentary.

Do you suffer from any disease?

Many diseases, as well as some kind of pain that you are feeling, will make your cat behave differently. He may try to hide, to be aggressive and to prevent you from approaching him, to stop eating and even to be quiet and not very talkative. Before these signs and any other that is out of the ordinary, consult your veterinarian immediately.

To know them all, do not miss our article in which we show you the main signs of pain in cats.

Death of a loved one

Although many people think that cats are incapable of creating emotional bonds with those around them, this is a big lie. The death of a close member of the family or a playmate, like another pet, can cause episodes of melancholy and depression in cats. In this sense, you must bear in mind that they, like us, also go through a period of mourning and, if it is the case of your cat, you must offer all your love to him so that he recovers his emotional stability as soon as possible.

He has changed his character for a recent move

Cats are territorial animals that mark what they consider theirs not only through urine, but also through the pheromones that they release when they rub their face against things. That is why a move, and even a change in the arrangement of the furniture, represents for them a cause of stress: Not only they are disoriented by losing the “map” they have drawn on their surroundings, but also in a new house they will find unknown smells.

Have you suffered any modification in your routine?

The routine is a very important element in the lives of felines. A alteration in his habitual way of life, and even a drastic change in your own routine, which affects your eating hours or the time you spend with them, can affect your behavior considerably.

That is why other situations, such as visit to the vet, the vacations of human friends or a season in a cat hotel or nursery, influence the way of being of the kitten and can be the cause that indicates why the character of your cat has changed.

The arrival of a new pet or family member

Although not all cats are the same, many are sensitive to the arrival of another pet to home. An aggressive and violent attitude is usually the most common reaction, but it is also possible that the cat assumes the discomfort caused by the other animal in a way that presents symptoms similar to those of an illness, such as vomiting and lack of appetite. In this way, it will be essential to present both animals correctly.

On the other hand, the arrival of a baby is usually another of the reasons that lead the cat to change its character. As we discussed, felines are very territorial animals, and the arrival of a new member of the family will mean a radical change, both in the environment and in the daily routines. So, before the arrival of the little one it will be essential to prepare the feline for it. And if you have already arrived and the character of your cat has changed, consult the following article to improve coexistence: tips for coexistence between the cat and the baby.

Lack of affection

Some cats are more affectionate than others, but everyone needs samples of affection from the family with whom they live. A pet with emotional deficiencies, especially if it feels suddenly despised, becomes sullen and irritable. In addition, cats do not like to be ignored, much less if they do those people in whom they have placed their trust.

Change of character due to boredom

As the feline grows it develops different demands on its entertainment. A puppy cat does not need the same distractions as an adult cat, nor does one that has entered into old age can have fun in the same way as youngsters.

If you do not pay attention to the requirements of each stage, it is very likely that your cat will get bored and begin to notice changes in the character of your cat, either an apathetic aptitude or a destructive spirit, result of the need to drain all your energy correctly. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you check our article about the most fun toys for cats and spend some time playing with them.

Do you feel lonely?

It is a known rule: the felines are sociable animals, and therefore they feel more comfortable if they have other partners with whom to entertain and share. Although there are cats that can not stand other pets, most of them need a comrade to play, sleep and play pranks. Loneliness, especially if it is sudden (death, adoption or change of house of which until then had been the companion, disease that keeps them separated, etc.), greatly affects their mood. In this way, if you can not dedicate all the attention you need to your hairy companion, he values ​​the option of adopting a second feline and, of course, of trying to offer quality time.

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