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Why does not my cat like to be caressed?

Each cat has its own personality and that is the most interesting of these animals. Some cats simply want to get away from the world, without being fond of caresses and pampering, while others may be in our arms all day. Many times their disdain is due to their particular nature. However, other times there are some obstacles that stand in the way of the affection of your person towards your pet.

It is important to know these possibilities to avoid labeling the cat unfriendly or elusive. Next, in we will explain you why your cat does not like to be caressed, thus knowing the reasons for the physical distance of your beloved pet. Maybe it’s just a creature of reserved tastes.

The socialization of the cat

We must understand that parenting, education and socialization are going to be fundamental pillars of a good part of the personality of cats. The animals raised in a home full of love in which they have been constantly caressed from their tender youth, will be much more receptive to human contact.

In the same way, if from small they have lived with other felines, they will probably be more sociable cats with the other cats. If they have had a good socialization and they have become accustomed to receiving affection, they will let themselves be caressed and they will like to caress.

However, cats that live in abusive environments, in the street or that have suffered some trauma (due to abuse, abandonment or illness), will be much more apprehensive and will be more cautious in the face of any kind of caress. If your fellow humans never embraced you before, you probably will not be too excited to do it now.

If you do not know your cat’s previous history, you can always try to socialize an adult cat, however it is a long and complicated process, which is worth working with a cat educator, feline ethology specialist.

Aggressiveness and negative behavior

We must be very attentive to this point because we can have on hand a cat with a tendency to aggressiveness, a cat that does not like to be petted or just a cat that does not know how to play calmly and without hurting.

Some cats are disgusted by the constant human affection and ask to give their space to others they dislike that you caress them constantly in certain points of the body, or rather, in the same point:

Studies affirm that caressing continuously in an area can be counterproductive causing more unpleasant than pleasant sensations. The solution: do not get stuck on the same point and caress the entire body of your pet. If your cat contracts its ears or scratches your hand while caressing it in a particular place, it is the signal to stop and move to another area.

The best way to achieve the physical closeness of a cat is do not insist or force in which the interaction happens, but encourage him to want the contact. As much as your intentions are right, avoid cornering or caressing against their will.

Start with the basics: say hello, sit at your level, reach out and let him come. Choose a time when he is relaxed and see little by little gaining his confidence. When you approach and ask for caresses, surprise him with reward or kind word, your cat will associate the proximity with a positive moment. At the first sign you do not want, let it go. Freedom will generate security and comfort for you.

Fears and traumas

In we insist that cats are very sensitive and sensitive animals who also suffer from fear They suffer from situations that generate fear, such as fireworks, storms, loud sounds, artifacts, strange or unknown people and many other situations. We speak of apprehension. The brain needs to be attentive and active and caresses they represent a distraction and a moment of relaxation. Many times the very act of caressing them represents a fright and makes them anxious in times of stress.

The best thing in that case, is to have patience with your cat and the situation, not to encourage contact if they do not want it and let them be themselves. Stay present but do not caress or take in arms, unless it is he who asks you, let it adjust little by little. He will know that you are accepting his terms, this will surely have more and better effect in the future.

Pain and diseases

It can happen that your cat hurts something and that he does not enjoy much with the caresses because he is physically very sensitive. Even soothing pats or gentle pressure can be painful. If your cat has always been very affectionate, and suddenly changed its character, it may be that something is hurting him, that he has some internal injury or discomfort. If the change is drastic, it will be best to take it to the veterinarian for a general checkup.

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