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Why does my dog ​​urinate where he eats?

Observe that a urine where you eat is not positive at all, in fact, it is a unequivocal symptom that something is not going well and that as responsible tutors we must do something about it. This behavior can be due to many causes and can manifest in puppies, adult dogs or the elderly.

In this article we will talk about the possible causes that can cause a dog to urinate in inappropriate places, thus solving your doubt about Why a dog urinates where he eats. Also, remember that it will be essential to seek help and guidance from a specialist, such as a veterinarian specializing in clinical ethology.

Why does my dog ​​urinate on his food?

The fact that a dog repeatedly urinates on his food, regardless of the vital stage he is in, reveals that we are facing a physiological or behavioral problem since, instinctively, a dog would not carry out the elimination behavior (let’s talk about urine or feces) near its water or food. So, why does a dog urinate where it eats? We show you several causes below:

Pathological causes

Urinary problems are among the main causes that can cause a dog to urinate near his food or water, as they are likely to occur uncontrolled urination in inappropriate places, such as the feeding trough. Likewise, neurological, hormonal or degenerative disorders, such as cognitive dysfunction syndrome in elderly dogs, can also cause this abnormal behavior. The first step is always to rule out pathological causes, therefore, we advise you visit your veterinarian confidence.

Being aware of sensory deprivation

The syndrome of sensory deprivation in dogs is a problem of serious behavior that is caused mainly by the deprivation of stimuli in the early stages of the dog, derived from confinement, a poor environment, lack of socialization with other people and animals, etc. This causes widespread fear before, practically, any stimulus. Finally, fears can become phobias.

This syndrome, especially when it affects individuals who have been confined in very small spaces, can lead to urination and defecation near food, something that continues to manifest in its later stages, due to the preference for certain substrates, in this case the bowl of food or similar.

Fears, phobias, stress and insecurity

The appearance of behaviors related to stress, anxiety or fear, which can lead to phobia, can also be the cause of uncontrolled urination in dogs. If you have noticed that your dog has obvious symptoms of stress or anxiety, it is essential that you take the appropriate measures by visiting a dog. behavior specialist, such as an ethologist, a canine educator or a trainer specialized in behavior modification.

Associated problems and consequences

It is essential to point out that urination in food can cause serious health problems In your case, therefore, it will be essential that you do not wait for contact with a specialist who can help you solve the case, either through pharmacological treatment or behavior modification sessions. Likewise, not acting on the appearance of pathologies or behavioral problems can make them worse or derive other behavioral problems, generating a much more serious picture.

While you are waiting for a specialist visit, we recommend you properly sanitize the zone by the use of enzymatic products, always removing the bowl of food after the meal and supervising the bowl of water.

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