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Why does my cat wallow on the ground?

Sometimes el behavior of cats It can be inexplicable for human beings. Things that seem funny, a simple game or maybe even a whim of the feline, are actually based on instinct.

If you have ever seen your cat wallow on the ground, it is very likely that you have wondered what motivates this peculiar behavior, which may be accompanied by some meows and even somewhat contorted movements. If you want to know why your cat wallows on the floor, keep reading the following article.

The cat spins on the ground to mark territory

Roll on the floor and spin it is a behavior not only seen in house cats, but also in larger cats. One of the reasons why they do this is to mark their territory and keep away from other felines as well as possible enemies, who may feel threatened by the presence of the animal.

How do they do this? Pheromones are the main responsible for the marking of the territory. All animals, including humans, they emit pheromones, which are responsible for giving each person their characteristic smell, among other functions. That’s why when the cat wants to protect its territory, it rubs its entire body on the ground and other surfaces, with the intention of spreading its smell around. So, if you notice that your cat is spinning on the ground or wallowing, this may be the cause that motivates it.

During the period of heat

Pheromones also play an important role during the heat of the cats, both males and females. Through them not only the characteristic odor marks of each cat are transmitted, but also signals of certain bodily changes, such as the ideal moment to mate.

During this period females and males show a different behavior than usual, in which it is possible to highlight the turning on the ground, which is done mainly by cats. For what? Well for disseminate your pheromones full of the aroma of heat and thus attract all the males that are nearby. For more information, do not miss our article about the zeal in cats.

Rolls on the floor to cool

While it is true that felines have a higher body temperature and that, for that reason, they like to do things like lie down to sunbathe or sleep near the heating, when the summer heat intensifies they can be affected by it, and even a little overwhelmed.

With the intention of cooling down, it is likely that the cat not only drinks larger quantities of water and looks for ventilated places to rest, but that it will rub on the floor of your home if it is made of materials such as granite, marble or wood. that are usually cold to the touch. In this way, if you notice that your cat wallows on the ground and, in addition, drinks more water than normal, this is probably the cause that justifies why your cat lies on the ground all the time.

Does the cat rub very much against the ground? You need to scratch!

The flexibility of cats is one of their most emblematic characteristics. Seeing them contort in positions that seem impossible to the ordinary human being, worthy of a yoga teacher, is something fun for us. However, and despite its amazing elasticity, it is possible that the cat does not reach any area particularly problematic of your body, and that you choose to rub against some object to relieve the itching you have in that area. This can be a reason for you to rub against the ground, if the discomfort is located on the spine, for example.

Want to play!

There are many ways that your cat has to tell you that he wants to play with you, and among them is the lie on your back and spin on the ground or any surface, closest to you so that you see it and understand that he wants some fun.

When you do, try to approach a toy or approach with gestures that indicate your intention to play, surely have fun together! And if you want to know fun games, do not miss our article about the 10 best games to entertain your cat.

Needs attention!

Cats, especially those who live in apartments, entertain themselves by chasing their humans at home and observing what they do during the day, is a pastime that alternates with their long hours of sleep.

When you’re too busy to spend enough time with the feline, It is possible that get bored or that you feel that you are neglecting it, so will try call your attention In any case, it does not support that you do not see it!

Among these forms is to turn on his back or offer you his seductive belly, with which he hopes to convince you to spend time with him. If at another time you have taken this attitude and received the attention and pampering that you wanted, it is likely that you continue doing it to obtain the same results, this being the reason that explains why your cat wallows on the ground and meows, just within your perimeter of vision.

Love your catnip

The catnip, also called catnip, is a delight for most cats, whose The main effect is to relax and enchant them. If you spread some of this grass on the ground, it is normal for the cat to turn on its back, turn and contort in all directions, dead of taste for the effects that this substance produces.

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