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Why does my cat wake me up at dawn?

Do you usually wake up 10 minutes before the alarm goes off? Is that when you feel a sudden push in the face? It’s probably your favorite furry friend, who wakes you up every morning and does not let you rest as long as you’d like. Maybe you want to know why he does it, if you have to worry about it or if you can modify this habit morning.

Do you wonder why your cat wakes you up at dawn? First of all, you should know that cats are crepuscular animals, which means they are more active during sunset and sunrise. Therefore, it may be normal for your cat to wake you up during these hours.

In this article we will try to go deeper into the topic so that you know how you can solve this situation if you are becoming Problem for you.

Why does my cat mew in the morning?

As we mentioned earlier, cats are not nocturnal or diurnal. It’s about creatures twilight, which means that they are awake and more encouraged to sunset and sunrise. Why? Their ancestors, the African wild cats [1], used to hunt at this time of the day small prey, like rats and mice, an instinct that has prevailed in the felids.

The cat is more active at this time of day, okay, but how can you know what time it is? Simple: by sunlight. This is the most obvious sign that it is time to wake up. During the summerFor example, it may happen that you get up earlier than in winter. That’s because the sun dawns sooner.

However, maybe you wonder why he does it, what is happening to him to your cat There are several causes that can cause this situation and it is essential to find the reasons if you want to solve this problem. Next we will help you analyze the symptoms and the situation.

Why does my cat wake me up meowing?

Does your cat wake you meowing? Does it start with a weak sound that increases the more you ignore it? There may be several reasons that explain this behavior. Let’s meet The three most common causes:

1. Your cat is hungry

Cats love the routine, we already know that. Therefore, if you feed your cat long before going to bed, usually begin to ask for food sooner. But also, if you put your food early Monday through Friday, it is logical to understand that you will expect the same Saturday and Sunday. They do not understand that “it’s weekend”.

2. Your cat is sick

Although it is not usual for a cat to wake you up soon to feel discomfort, it is important discard this option to ensure the good health of your feline. You will know that your cat is meowing because of an illness when you have not seen him behaving like this before. Whether you suspect you may be sick or if you make more than 6 or 12 months that you do not get a review, go to the vet for a general review.

If your cat is also reaching old age or is already an old cat, check the following health problems:

  • Arthritis: you will notice a progressive decrease in the activity level of your cat. Also meow in certain positions. The articulations will begin to swell, you will have less flexibility and you will notice a change in your hygiene habits. Find out more about arthritis in cats.
  • Hyperthyroidism: this disease is usually shown in cats that have 12 years or more. There is no severe symptomatology and the diagnosis must be made by a veterinarian, who must perform a blood test and a palpation of the thyroid gland.
  • High blood pressure: the presence of blood in the urine, ocular hemorrhage, dilated pupils, blindness, seizures, nosebleed and weakness can be observed.

If you have observed any of these symptoms do not hesitate and go to your veterinarian so that the disease can be diagnosed correctly. Only in this way can a treatment be initiated.

3. Your cat seeks attention

Do you pay attention when your cat meows? Many cats meow for ask for food or attention, others do it when they are stroked or brushed. Because of that, your cat may be associating positive reinforcement after the meow. That is, your cat has learned that after the meow there will be a reward. Food? A new toy? A caress?

If you find out of home During the day, your cat will probably sleep the time you are not, that may cause you to look for your pampering and caresses when you get home, through the meow. The morning is one of the most active moments of the day of the cat, so it is not surprising that it vocalizes during those hours.

What if my cat wakes me up purring?

The reason why your cat wakes you up purring is simpler. During its peak hours the cat tends to be more active, so it is normal to try socialize at dawn, at dawn.

Why do cats purr? It is his way of expressing Pleasure and pleasure and generally they only carry it out with the members of their family nucleus. It also helps them avoid tension. That your cat purrs is a very positive signal, your cat probably loves you and it feels very safe by your side.

In addition, cats can “predict” when you will wake up. Humans have up to five stages of sleep, during which they change various bodily functions. Through your breathing and heart rate, your cat will know when you are about to wake up and will wait anxiously for you purrs and affection.

How to make my cat do not meow at night?

Now that you know the reason why your cat has become an alarm clock and gets you up at dawn, we’re going to offer you some tips and tricks so you can try redirect this behavior:

  1. Lower the blinds or place dark curtains. This will prevent sunlight from reaching the room where the cat sleeps, so you will not realize that it is really daylight until you decide.
  2. If your cat wakes you out of boredom, be sure to keep it entertaining during the day through games, massages or a good brushing. However, if you have little time it could be interesting to improve your environmental enrichment with feline residences, walkways, nests, food vending toys, interactive toys, intelligence toys or catnip, for example.
  3. Feed your cat just before going to bed and wait a while after getting up in the morning to fill your bowl. This process can last a few weeks, but you will notice that your cat readjusts its schedule and starts ordering food later.
  4. Use the positive reinforcement in the right moment. That means that when your cat mauve trying to wake you do not answer. “Answer” includes setting it apart, doing “shhht“Or caress him. If your cat tries to get your attention, even if the answer is not pleasant for him, if you answer him you will be reinforcing him. This may seem very difficult, but it is best to try to pay attention and caresses only when the cat is quiet and silent, this way you associate tranquility with massage and attention.

Remember that closing the door of your room, using aversives or scolding will not give good results. Patience, affection and trying to understand the feline psychology They can be the best tools when it comes to solving this problem.

If after one or two weeks of applying these guidelines strictly you do not see improvement, perhaps it would be interesting go to an ethologist, that is, a veterinarian specializing in animal behavior.

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