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Why does my cat vomit after eating?

Surely, as catkeepers, we’ve seen our feline throw up. Vomiting sporadically does not have to be worrisome, but we should not take it as normal for a cat to vomit every week or even more frequently.

Vomiting can have multiple causes and in this article we will focus on those that explain why a cat vomits after eating. In any case, frequent vomiting should always be a reason for veterinary consultation.

Does my cat vomit or regurgitate?

Before explaining why a cat vomits after eating, we must know how to distinguish between vomiting and regurgitation, since it is a fact that our veterinarian will take into account. Regurgitate implies a Effortless expulsion, While for barf we will observe that the cat performs strong movements with your abdomen, stretches the neck and emits sounds corresponding to the arcades, after which the expulsion of liquid or food occurs.

Vomiting they can be acute, when they are repeated frequently in a short space of time, or chronic, which will be those that occur sporadically but without remitting for weeks. Both regurgitation and vomiting will require a consultation with the veterinarian. Vomiting may be caused by intestinal inflammations, tumors, hairballs, ulcers, foreign bodies, but also due to systemic diseases. Hence the importance of obtaining an accurate veterinary diagnosis, for which tests such as blood tests or ultrasound and abdominal radiographs are performed.

Why does my cat vomit food?

First of all, we must distinguish the vomit is of food or hair, since cats, due to their daily activity of grooming, ingest a large amount of hair that is sometimes expelled through vomiting. A diet rich in fiber, regular brushing and the occasional consumption of malt can prevent hairballs from being a problem. Anyway, if the balls are formed by excessive grooming could be behind a problem of stress or pruritus.

If our cat vomits undigested food, we have to determine if this occurs immediately after having eaten or if a time has elapsed, cases in which the explanation as to why our cat vomits after the meal will be different:

  • Vomiting immediately after eating or within half an hour may indicate both acute and chronic gastritis.
  • Vomit the food hours after its intake it will be due to some obstruction, a slow functioning of the digestive system or pancreatitis.

My cat vomits undigested food – Gastric retention syndrome

This problem is going to make our cat vomit the whole undigested feed long after eating, although some cats vomit only gastric juice. In these cases the stomach is not able to function at a normal pace, it does not empty properly and that explains why the cat vomits after eating.

It can happen for an injury or motor disorder primary or secondary. The presence of hairballs can trigger this syndrome. In addition to finding and treating the cause, if you are wondering what to do if your cat vomits after eating, you should know that it is recommended that these cats feed with a fiber rich diet, since it facilitates digestion. Likewise, in the most serious cases surgical intervention may be required.

Vomiting in cats after eating gastritis

In this section we include the chronic inflammatory bowel disease, quite common in cats and that could explain why a cat vomits after eating, although it must be known that in gastritis, vomiting is not always related to the time of ingestion. So much so, that it is even possible to observe that the cat vomits the digested food.

There are numerous causes behind gastritis, so the diagnosis of the veterinarian is required to start an adequate treatment. For more information, do not miss our article “Gastritis in cats – Symptoms, causes and treatment”.

Gastritis can occur acutely or chronically. Once the cat is recovering the recommendation is to feed it offering the food in small doses.

Vomiting in cats after eating for excess food

Finally, in some cases the explanation for why some cats vomit after eating is in that they eat too fast, a lot of food in a short time, so that their stomach is overloaded and they usually vomit the undigested feed.

What to do if your cat vomits undigested food for this reason? It can be solved by giving it less amount of food in more times. They can also be used interactive feeders, that force them to eat more slowly. You have to be especially careful because, due to the anxiety they show for food, they may end up suffering from overweight problems. Check our article on “Why my cat is obsessed with food” to avoid it.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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