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Why does my cat tremble when he sleeps?

In we know that watch the cats It is usually an entertainment for most people who are lucky enough to have a feline at home as a companion. Not only is the grace and elegance of his gestures and movements appealing, but also his curiosity and the messes in which he tends to put them are funny.

If you are one of those people who like to observe them, you will probably notice that sometimes the cats tremble when they sleep, and you have asked yourself what is the reason that leads them to it. In this article we answer that question and explain why your cat trembles when he sleeps, keep reading!

He is cold?

This may be one of the reasons why your cat trembles while sleeping. Remember that felines have a body temperature higher than that of humans, around 39 degrees Celsius. That is why on very cold nights, and especially if your cat is short haired, it is not strange that you feel some cold in your small body. You will notice it because its trembling is very particular, like shivering, and because try to roll up as much as he can about himself.

In these cases you can offer the feline a blanket and a warmer bed, placing them for him away from drafts and windows. This way you will provide the heat you need.

Its ringing?

This is the second reason why a cat can shake when it sleeps. Various studies indicate that the answer to this question is affirmative: cats, also dogs, dream when they sleep.

We can not know what kind of dreams it is, its structure or how elaborate they are, but apparently that is due to the involuntary bodily movements they have while they sleep, which we erroneously interpret as tremors.

According to various studies, the activity in the brain of cats during the stage of deep sleep is very similar to that of humans, being accompanied not only by small tremors in the extremities, but also of movement in the eyelids and even in the facial muscles. This type of movement that takes place involuntarily while sleeping is called REM sleep, and indicates that the brain is working, so that the imagination is producing a dream in the mind of the sleeper.

What does your cat dream? Impossible to know! Maybe imagine that you are chasing a prey or dreaming of being a great lion, or you may even dream of eating a bit of your favorite food. The truth is that this type of movement while you sleep should not alarm you.

Health problems?

Have you ever felt a pain so strong that, even while you sleep, you tremble for it? Well, animals also happen and, therefore, if the previous options are discarded it is possible that your cat trembles while sleeping because he is suffering from a health problem. To identify it, we advise you to consult our article with the main signs of pain in cats, since if this is the cause of the tremors, we assure you that it will be accompanied by other signs such as meowing, aggressiveness or abnormal postures in the feline.

If your cat trembles due to pain, or any pathology, do not hesitate and go to the vet As soon as possible to determine the exact reason and start the best treatment.

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