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Why does my cat throw water from the sprue?

Cats are animals with a very special and concrete character who love to have control over their properties, in this case we talk about the drinking water, why not? If you observe a strange behavior and you wonder why my cat throws water from the sprue? You have entered the right place: we are going to try to solve this problem.

There are many causes that can cause a cat to throw water everywhere, read on and discover in this article about Why does my cat throw water from the sprue? some of the most common reasons.

Do you try to catch the water

This is usually one of the most frequent problems that many of the readers tell us: Why does my cat throw water from the sprue? It looks like he’s trying to get the water out of the sprue with his legs!

This type of behavior not only happens with water, we can see many cats that are attracted to take food from their feeders using the legs. Usually they usually do it like part of their natural behavior: they prefer to take the food to another side more sure where to eat properly.

When this happens with water we can try several things, including placing the food in another side of the house calmer, change it more regularly (perhaps the cat does not consider it clean) and most importantly: make sure you always get to drink it. Although it seems strange some cats do not want to bend down so much, try to use a higher container in which the water almost reaches the edge.

Does your cat have toys?

Sometimes the lack of distraction or motivation It takes our cat to want to play with the drinker, this can be one of the fundamental reasons why my cat throws the water from the sprue, it is just playing.

Devote more time to your pet, to distract it with intelligence toys for cats etc. Everything that makes you forget the drinker will be a good option, you can also ask yourself acquire a large feeder (and heavy) that can not manipulate.

Does not like the drinker

It can happen that your cat does not like the drinker and prefers to drink directly from a flat surface. Go to your usual trade for buy a larger one in which you feel more calm.

It can also happen that the cat does not get along with other pets in the home. In this way, if the sprue does not allow you to observe around it, you may throw away the water to create a safety situation, acquire one with low edges.


We are not surprised at all in the cases in which many cats throw food, water or defecate elsewhere because they consider that their objects are not clean. Remember that cats are especially clean animals, pay attention to the hygiene of all its elements.

Is not none of these causes?

You still have not found a solution to why my cat throws water from the sprue? it may not be any of the causes we mentioned above, for this reason, and if you are really worried, consult the veterinarian this problem.

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