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Why does my cat take the sand out of its box?

Does your cat dig a lot of sand and throw it out of the box? You are not the only one! Many owners complain about this same problem. Therefore, if you are looking for solutions to this behavior, you have reached the indicated site.

In this article we will explain why your cat takes the sand out of its box, what tricks you can use to avoid it and some extra tips related to the sand or with the same box. Keep reading!

Why does my cat throw sand out?

To begin with, it is important to understand the reason that causes the cat to be scattering the sand. Understanding the behavior of the cat is essential if we want to improve our relationship with him and try to solve it.

Perhaps you have ever observed the cat’s urination behavior, since the environment he has is limited. When our cat uses the litter box, it usually follows the same pattern: first start by inspecting the sand, then dig a little to get the depression, urinate and defecate, and finally cover the waste. At that moment the cat is excited and begins to spread the sand like a madman.

Actually, this behavior it is perfectly normal. The felines savajes also carry it out. They bury their stools for two main reasons:

  • They are very clean animals.
  • They want to avoid the attention of predators or other cats.

However, although it is an innate behavior, not all cats bury feces. If you notice that you stop doing it, neglect other habits and even start to defecate out of the box, we recommend consult with your veterinarian to rule out pathological problems.

Although this behavior is not considered a “behavioral problem” in itself, it can annoy the owners. Are there solutions? Keep reading.

How to prevent the cat from throwing sand?

La sand cleaning is the key to solving this problem. As we have explained, cats are especially clean. There is nothing a cat hates more than dirt. You have probably seen your cat cleaned for hours. They expect the same from their litter box, it must always be clean.

In a wild habitat, the cats wild choose places clean and with sand to do their needs, in this way they can then cover and bury them. Even so, some animals in particular, like Bengal tigers, urinate on hills and they scatter the sand to announce his presence and to distance rivals.

In the case of domestic cats, if they do not have another box of clean sand, they should go around a lot and move around a lot in order to find a sufficiently clean space. Inevitably, you must dig and remove until you have a clean area, which means scattered sand. Some cats come to dig to the point of take out the waste.

Therefore, the ideal is to keep the box as clean as possible, put it into practice and increase the frequency of hygiene, you will see how the scattered sand is much smaller.

The types of cat litter and its importance

El type of sand It can influence the amount that is spread. There are many options, such as agglomerating cat litter or simile, for example. Some cats spread more with one sand than with another. Therefore, it can be interesting experience with different types of sand, to choose the favorite of the feline. The preferences are very particular and will depend on your personality.

La amount of sand It can also be the source of this problem. An amount excessive of sand causes that there is not enough height in the box and that the sand leaves as soon as the feline begins to dig. On the other hand, an amount insufficient It forces us to dig a lot to cover the waste, which ends up causing the same problem.

Ideally, if we want to avoid finding cat litter on the ground, look for a suitable height, between the 5 and the 10 centimeters. In this way, the cat will be comfortable and will be able to bury the feces without difficulty.

The box, also fundamental

Most of the time, the problem is in the sandbox. It would be ideal if the sandbox were 1,5 times the size of the cat. We all know that most of the boxes we find in the market are much smaller than this ideal. It is not surprising then, that a good amount of sand ends up outside, on the ground.

Cats should be able, at a minimum, roll over on themselves easily inside the box. Remember that the cat, when digging, throws the sand backwards and that if the box is small there will not be enough space to prevent it from being thrown. The height of the box It is also important. Even if the box is large enough, some sand will end up outside if the sides are too narrow or the height is too low.

If you think the solution may be to change cash, remember to do it gradually. The cats need a time of adaptation to the new box. Start by placing the new one next to the old one and when you are used to it and use it, remove the old one.

Also, some cats do not seem to know how to properly use the sandbox. If this is your case, it is best to teach your cat to use the sandbox.

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