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Why does my cat stare at me?

The look of the cat is one of its many attractions. Not only because of the variety of color tones that the iris can present, but also because of expressive that can be thanks to its large size. All these characteristics make them striking for anyone.

Perhaps this is the reason why so many myths and superstitions have been created around the feline gaze. There are those who believe that they are capable of perceiving supernatural presences, or that they have the power to see the soul or the aura of the people. Thinking about this, you may get nervous when your cat stares at you. Do you want to know what is the reason for this? Why does your cat stare at you? Then keep reading!

The feline look

The big eyes of the cats not only serve to see everything that happens around them, they are also extremely fascinating for human eyes. It is impossible not to remain almost hypnotized by staring at them, and even appreciate the notorious way in which the pupils widen or become only a small slit according to the amount of light.

If you know a bit about your cat’s behaviors, your eyes will help you “Read” part of your reactions. The expressiveness that they reveal, along with other signs, will tell you clearly if they are angry, pensive, comfortable, scared, threatening, etc. This whole set of signals is called body language.

Feline body language

Contrary to what many believe, the body language of cats is transparent, you just need to read the signals. The ears, the tail and also the eyes will help you to know how you feel. A cat with the bristly hair He is upset and soon to attack, or feels threatened. If, on the contrary, his ears and tail are raised, he feels happy and animated.

Wide eyes and raised ears They indicate fun and curiosity, whereas if you look at them with narrowed eyes it means that you feel calm with you. All this in broad strokes, of course. Now that you know some tricks to decipher how your cat feels, it’s time to find out why he stares at you in different situations.

My cat stares at me and meows

There are several reasons for your furry friend to mull you while looking directly into your eyes. One of them is that he is hungry. Each cat asks for food in its own way. Some stand silently by their plate, others follow you throughout the house, some decide to go directly to the kitchen to look for what has been left on a table, while some simply approach where you are and stare at you, waiting that you understand the message So if your cat chases you and does not stop looking, maybe it’s time to check if your plate needs to be filled.

Another reason is that you feel pain or discomfort and he wants you to pay attention. Although some cats hide and avoid company when they get sick, because they hide from possible threats when they are vulnerable, others prefer to communicate it to their human. Your cat has confidence in you and knows that you will do everything possible to take care of it and protect it.

My cat stares at me

If a cat feels threatened, either by you or by another person, it will take two attitudes: it will step aside and start licking, implying that it is not looking for a conflict, or preparing for a possible attack, staring at its alleged attacker and issuing grunts and snorts.

These sounds are very different from those he does when he meows to ask for food or comfort, because the tone is much more acute, and denotes violence. If this happens, it is best to move away from the visual field of the cat, or blink several times by moving the head from one side to the other; This gesture will let you know that you are relaxed and have no intention of hurting him.

My cat looks at me while I sleep

Cats are animals curious, so almost anything catches your attention. That’s why your cat can follow you around the house and stare at what you’re doing, because he’s interested in knowing what his favorite human does. Cooking, doing your homework, working and even your way of sleeping are all a mystery to your feline, so looking at you is one of your favorite pastimes.

Also, if he joins you at nap time, he may look at you in a very particular way, which consists of blink lazily. If this happens, congratulations! It means that he loves you and that he feels incredibly comfortable with you.

This gesture is usually common when you snuggle to sleep with you, or when you are pampering him with caresses and a lot of affection. The feline wants you to know that he is relaxed, because he only dedicates that look to those with whom he feels most at ease. He loves you when he is in your company, in a few words, he is telling you that he loves you!

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