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Why does my cat lick a lot?

In this article, we are going to explain why a cat licks a lot. We will see that there are multiple causes that may be behind this behavior, so we will detail them according to the area on which the cat concentrates its attention.

Remember that cats lick their bodies normally, as part of their daily grooming. In this article we will not refer to this hygienic behavior, but to the excessive licking, when this behavior becomes abnormal and problematic. Keep reading and discover why your cat licks so hard.

Symptoms of excessive licking in cats

Before going on to explain why a cat licks a lot we should know that his tongue is rough, so excessive licking will eventually cause damage to the hair and skin. So, if our cat licks a lot Your hair will fall off and you will be injured. These are the injuries that we can observe in the area subject to their licking.

When a cat develops this behavior it can be due to a physical or psychological problem, you will always have to identify the veterinarian. If the physical examination is normal is when you can think of a cause like Stress or boredom. Although, in other occasions, the explanation to excessive licking is simply due to the fact that the cat has been spotted. However, this last behavior will remit quickly.

My cat licks his mouth a lot

The explanation as to why our cat licks its mouth or how it lapses can be found in the fact that it has contacted some substance that it wants to clean itself of, but also It could indicate some oral discomfort, like that produced by gingivitis, dental pieces in poor condition or ulcers. We may also notice hypersalivation and bad smell.

If we examine his mouth we may detect the problem, which will require veterinary treatment. A repeated licking of the lips may be indicating us nausea or discomfort when swallowing.

My cat licks a lot

In these cases, why our cat licks a lot of limb can be related to the presence of una herida, both on the leg and on the foot, between the fingers or pads. A careful examination can reveal the presence of an injury. If it is a superficial wound, we can disinfect it and control its evolution. However, if the wound is deep, there is infection or we find some foreign body embedded we should go to the vet.

My cat licks a lot of belly

The belly is a vulnerable area for the cat, prone to injury or damage from contact with different irritants. Therefore, the explanation for why our cat licks this area very much can be found in such an injury. If we carefully examine the belly, we may find some wound or irritation that we should inform our veterinarian. If our cat suffers dermatitis or allergy it is necessary to discover its cause.

On the other hand, excessive licking in the area of ​​the lower abdomen may indicate pain caused by cystitis, which is the inflammation of the bladder.

My cat licks his penis a lot

A urine infection can explain why our cat licks his genitals a lot, because he will feel pain and itching, in addition to urinating repeatedly. A wound on the penis It can also cause excessive licking, as well as any difficulty in expelling urine. The veterinarian will be in charge of diagnosing and treating. It is important, in the case of infections, to establish an early treatment to avoid complicating the picture if the infection rises to the kidneys or an obstruction occurs in the urinary tract.

My cat licks his anus a lot

In this case we can face a irritation what can be produced for diarrhea or decomposition, which explain why the cat licks a lot when having pain or itching in the area. Constipation, which will cause discomfort to the cat, or even the presence of feces or a foreign body that is not able to expel, can cause excessive licking in an attempt to get rid of the discomfort. Also the presence of internal parasites. We must observe the area in case there is a anal prolapse or problems with the anal glands and go to the vet to treat the primary cause.

My cat licks its tail a lot

The base of the tail can present absence of hair and wounds because our cat licks a lot due to the presence of fleas. Also, if our cat is allergic to the bite of these parasites, the injuries will be considerable due to the intense itching that they produce. Although we do not see fleas, we can find their remains. In addition to dealing with a suitable antiparasitic it may be necessary to administer medication to combat the dermatitis produced.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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