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Why does my cat get a penis?

If we observe our cat preening, what he will do frequently every day, sometimes, when he approaches the genital area, we can see his penis. Apart from these moments, it is difficult for us to appreciate it, so if we see it, we can think that there is a problem. And so it is.

In this article, we are going to explain why our cat gets his penis. We will see what this situation produces and what we have to do to solve it.

Symptoms of urinary diseases

Usually the reason why our cat’s penis comes out has to do with a urinary problem. In these cases we can see other symptoms as a excessive licking of the genital area, pain in the abdomen, pain when urinating and, in addition, emission of little amount of urine, even just drops, but many times throughout the day.

On other occasions the cat, directly, is unable to urinate even if he tries. We will see him in the sandbox making efforts without getting it. Other times we will find urine outside the sandbox. This may contain blood, which is known as hematuria or grit.

Other symptoms are anorexia, apathy, vomiting or dehydration. Any of these signs is reason for veterinary consultation without loss of time, since waiting can aggravate the situation, especially in cases where the cat does not urinate. A cat that does not urinate in 24 hours can go into shock and suffer damage incompatible with life.


These acronyms, in English, include a set of diseases that will affect the cat’s urinary tract, producing symptoms such as the ones we have discussed. These can not only explain why the cat gets rid of the penis, but that they will produce a change of color in it, showing up purple.

If it is the case of our cat it is probable that it is suffering from a urinary disorder and, therefore, we should contact our veterinarian. For the diagnosis this professional can resort to analysis and / or culture of urine or to tests like ultrasound.

Within FLUTD we can find idiopathic cystitis (which means that its cause is unknown), which can be obstructive or not, stones, urethral plugs formed mainly by organic matter or urine infections caused by bacteria.

Treatment of FLUTD

First, the veterinarian, after the clinical examination and the relevant tests, will arrive at a diagnosis, on which the treatment will be based. In cases where there are obstructions in the urinary system, more frequent in males, it may be necessary resort to surgery to solve them.

Other times we can be in the presence of kidney stones, which can be undone by feeding our cat with a specific feed and antibiotics can also be prescribed to prevent secondary infections. If, on the other hand, our cat suffers a bacterial infection, it will be essential to treat with antibiotics for several weeks.

In idiopathic cystitis, that is, inflammations of the bladder for which the cause is not known, it is not advisable to treat with antibiotics, as we could create resistance. Instead, it should be done changes at environmental level, since this type of cystitis is related to feline stress. As they are very painful analgesia can occur.

Now that we know why a cat’s penis comes out, once cured it should not be visible and, if we appreciate it again, we should communicate it to our veterinarian in case it was a relapse.

Tips to avoid urinary problems

The pathologies that affect the urinary system of cats, whether they are males or females, are relatively frequent, especially in males for their particular anatomical characteristics. Therefore, we must pay attention that their eliminations do not vary, that is, they do not increase or decrease in frequency.

A alteration in urination It can explain why our cat gets a penis and, as we have seen, requires veterinary treatment. To prevent these problems we can follow the following recommendations:

  • La hydration of the cat It’s very important. We must make sure that he drinks enough water, for which we can encourage him by putting at his disposal sources, because the water attracts them in movement. And, if the cat drinks little, it is advisable to offer him wet food.
  • A balanced diet it also prevents the formation of crystals that turn into calculations susceptible to causing obstructions and pain.
  • Stress is fought through environmental enrichment measures and treating with care any change that we have to introduce in the environment of the cat. We can help ourselves pheromones and consult with a feline behavior specialist.
  • With more than one cat at home it is good that we have so many sandboxes as number of felines coexist plus one, to favor an appropriate elimination. You have to clean them frequently.

Of course, any symptoms such as those we have described should be attended by the veterinarian Without delay.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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