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Why does my cat eat plastic?

Food is a very important aspect in the life of the felines. In nature, hunting is not only a fun that the cats teach their puppies from a very young age, but also the only way of life that counts. Home cats, on the other hand, do not usually have problems getting their food. Whether dry or wet, homemade or processed, a feline at home has what it takes to stay healthy and happy.

Despite the above, some cats develop the habit of nibbling, licking and even eating certain materials such as plastic. This, of course, is dangerous. Keep reading this article to discover why your cat eats plastic.

The cat eats plastic out of boredom

A bored cat develops behavior problems, and one of the ways to express it is nibbling or eating anything, including plastic. They can be shopping bags or a container that is within reach, among others. Your cat can get to eat it if you do not give him the necessary stimuli to distract him and burn all his energies. Discover the main symptoms of a boring cat and do not miss our article with the most fun cat toys.

Chewing plastic and other materials out of boredom is very common in cats that live in apartments and do not have access to the outside, as well as in those that do not have other animal companions to play with.

Food problems

There is a disorder called pica, with which the cat feels the need to feed on inedible things, including plastic. It indicates a serious feeding problem, because the feline does not do it on a whim, but because he feels that the food he is receiving does not contain all the nutrients he needs.

If this is the case with your cat, you should review the food you provide and, if necessary, request veterinary advice to elaborate an adequate diet that covers all your nutritional requirements.

Suffer stress

Stress is capable of wreaking havoc on the physical and emotional health of your furry companion, which may be one of the reasons that explain why your cat eats plastic. A change of routine, the arrival of another pet or a baby, among other factors, unleash episodes of stress and anxiety in the feline. Check our article on stress symptoms in cats and learn to identify it to start treating it.

In this case, eating the plastic is just a way of relieving the nervousness that you feel, by being distracted by something different. Therefore, you must identify the factor that state has developed in your feline and treat it immediately.

You need a dental cleaning

As you probably already know, cleaning your cat’s teeth should become a part of your care routine. Sometimes, it is possible that some piece of food is trapped in your cat’s teeth, or that you are experiencing some type of discomfort in the gums. For try to remove food or relieve discomfort, you may resort to nibbling something hard, like a plastic object.

Aids digestion

As with humans, after a lot of food cats also feel heavy, so some are looking for something that speeds up the process of digestion. A solution can be chew plastic, but without swallowing it: keep chewing after having eaten activates a series of enzymes that stimulate digestion. In this way, the feline gets rid of the feeling of heaviness sooner than expected.

If this is the reason that justifies your cat eating plastic, you should check the amount of daily food that you offer and make sure you provide the correct one.

Do you like plastic?

It is possible that a plastic bag, for example, has certain characteristics that make it pleasant to the feline senses. Some are Made with corn fiber so that they degrade more quickly, and even if you do not notice it, your cat does.

Other contain lanolin or pheromones, which are very appetizing for cats. In addition, most retain the smell and taste of the food they contained, causing the cat to confuse the plastic bag with something edible. Similarly, in the case of bags, the noise they produce makes them a fun toy that can even be related to the squeals of a prey, so during the game it is possible for the cat to take a bite.

When it comes to plastic containers, it is more common to bite the one they use to eat if it is of this material. Why? Simply because the plastic accumulates the smell of cat food.

What to do if your cat eats plastic?

Eating plastic is a behavior that should never be ignored, because not only do you run the risk of the cat drowning with the piece, but also The material can roll up in your stomach, fact that would eventually kill him.

Observe their behavior and go to the vet so that together they can determine what could be unleashing this problem. Check the food you give and control stimuli that are stressful. Give him hours of fun and play, plus a check of his teeth. Prefers metal or ceramic containers for food and water.

With these tips we are sure that you will be able to discover why your cat eats plastic and find the best way to help him.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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