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Why does my cat bite me?

Those of us who have had cats know their complexity in terms of behavior, sometimes we can find a loving cat, in others an independent cat and even cats that bite!

Not all causes of bites are the same, for this reason in this article we are going to review why my cat bites me by analyzing different situations in order to help you find a solution or an answer to your question.

Keep reading and discover once and for all Why does my cat bite me? together with different causes and solutions.

Discover the character of your cat

Each cat has a specific and unique personality, for this reason, not all cats will appreciate the same gestures or they will respond equally to a social communication either with us or with other people. You should make an effort to understand what he likes and does not like, how you should touch him and what his favorite areas of the body are.

Bites before a social interaction

While we find cats that adore the endless caresses on the ears or on the back, others will hate them. Is this your case? You must learn to communicate with your cat and interpret if he is angry or is simply a warning to stop touching him this zone.

If you are relaxed, caressing your cat, and suddenly it bites your hand is that something is not working well: you have overloaded it. Faced with a situation like this, it would be best to sit still and wait for the cat to divert its attention to something else. Stop petting him and try to maintain a calm and calm situation.

It is important that you notice the body language of your cat, especially if you usually nibble without notice, if we pay attention we will know if the cat is really angry or is simply an unimportant warning to stop bothering you.

Bites during the game

Many people teach their kittens to play very actively with hands, toys and many other objects. If we reward this behavior, especially with our hands, we will be encouraging our adult cat to be angry in the future without repairing whether it hurts us or not.

If we have not been able to avoid it and currently our adult cat shows this behavior during the game we should try to change that reality. To do it we are going to always start using toys, never hands, action that we can reinforce positively with treats and snacks for cats.

Some toys, such as feather dusters or rattles, divert the attention of the cat a lot because of its appearance or sound; this process begins with them.

Bites of affection

Maybe we have a wonderful relationship with our cat, maybe that’s why you ask yourself “Why does my cat bite me?” Is simply love.

We may not have experienced it before, but cats sometimes chew on our legs, arms and hands in a situation of happiness for them: when we put food on him, when we caress him etc.

Usually they are light bites, that do not produce pain (although if the cat is very excited yes we can feel some pain.) And usually it happens as a consequence of a great intensity that they want to express. In this situation we should reduce the intensity of the caresses and even stop. As well we will reward the affective game without biting with snacks for cats, this way you will learn faster how you want to behave.

Bite out of fear

The cats They can bite if they feel scared, threatened or in danger. Although usually they use the nails, the bites are also a tool that they love to use. Identifying a frightened cat is frankly easy: ears back, snorts, stereotypes etc.

Other situations

There are cases in which we are not able to identify Why does my cat bite me? That’s when we should turn to a specialist such as ethologists, veterinarians specialized in animal behavior.

It is important to know that a problem of aggressiveness it must be solved as soon as possible, especially if we never know if our cat is going to attack or not. Although it is a small animal is capable of doing us a lot of damage, do not let time pass and quickly solve it.

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