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Why do cats throw things to the ground?

Anyone who shares his life with a cat has passed him by. You are quietly doing something and suddenly your hairy has thrown what you had left on the table. Why do cats throw things on the ground? Is it simply to annoy us? Do they do it to get our attention?

In this article we are going to give you the keys of that normal behavior in cats but we still see it as something strange. Keep reading!

This hinders me

The cats will go wherever they want and if they find something in the middle of the road that prevents them from going, they will throw it away remove it from the middle, that of dodging objects does not go with them. This usually happens especially if the cat is somewhat overweight, since it will cost more work to move or jump and certainly not think about trying.

I’m bored, I’m going to throw this out of here

If your cat is bored because does not release all the energy you have playing and exercising, rest assured that it will destroy the house. In addition to scratching and climbing everywhere, it is quite likely that you decide to study the law of gravity by throwing to the ground everything you find out there that is likely to be thrown away, simply for entertaining.

I’m here! Pay attention to me!

Yes, it’s a weird way to get your attention, but throwing things is quite normal when your cat wants something from you. Why do cats throw things on the ground? Well because among the many ways they have to attract your interest, every time they throw something you always go to see what happened, so maybe that’s what they find most effective.

How to prevent my cat from throwing things on the ground?

Depending on the cause of throwing things to the ground, you can do one thing or another. If the cat throws everything that is found when you walk around your house, the best thing you can do is remove everything that is in the places where you usually go. For example, if you always pass over the table, leave a path through which you can pass and for which there is nothing in between that I have to throw to continue there. And, of course, if your cat is overweight, you should follow an exercise routine and take care of your diet to lose weight.

If the problem is boredom, you will have to tire it out and play with it. You can leave more toys and even prepare a space for your own games to be distracted, with a scraper and can spend hours entertaining and you can also hang things to have fun even more.

If the problem comes from a wake-up call, there are two solutions, one is to ignore the cat when he pulls something and the other to pay more attention. The NO will not be of any use to you and, in addition, he will get what he wants, pay attention to him. If you see that your cat throws something while watching you waiting for your reaction, do not notice it and continue with what you were doing. In addition to ignoring it, you will have to spend more time with it, caress it and play with it, in this way you will have the attention you need without destroying anything and you will create a much stronger bond between the two.

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