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Why do cats like to sleep on top of people?

How many times has it happened to you? No matter what you do, your loving feline, despite having his bed, insists on sleeping with you, grooming and finally riding on you when night comes, looking for a position to stay comfortable.

There are several reasons why your cat does this, it can be love, comfort, protection, security, among others. Here we will explain these causes. If you want to know why cats like to sleep on top of people, then you can not miss this article. Keep reading!

Why is your cat always on top of you?

There are several reasons that lead cats to sleep on top of their human companions, so we will explain in detail several of them.

Want to feel safe

As with other mammals, for cats it is very important feel secure, especially when sleeping, because during these hours they lower their guard and increase the chances of being attacked by any predator.

Because of this, responding to the need to satisfy their survival instinct, the home cats look for the security in the home, and for many of them there is no safer place than on his human, or even close to his body, in areas like the stomach or the feet. In this way, they get both the warmth of contact, like the comfort and security that they long for to have a restful sleep.

He misses you and wants to spend time with you

It is very common if you do not live with other people and you spend most of the time at work that your feline friend misses you during the day. While it is true that cats are very independent animals, they are also affective, so they need love and affection that only your tutor can provide. Even if they live with other kittens or pets, a domestic cat will always need the attention and care of its owner.

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Why your cat sleeps in your head?

Although your cat can sleep on your belly, on your arm, on your legs or on some other part of the body, many times you prefer to rest in a place that is a little “exotic” or that is extravagant for us, like the head. If you have cats and you do not know why they do this, then we explain it to you.

Sleeping habits

Many people are restless while they are asleep, because they move their feet or hands excessively, and even go around frustrating the placid sleep of their kittens. Felines perceive the slightest movements, so when you turn sharply this is especially annoying for them.

For this reason, the animal prefers to look for a quieter place where it can rest without being hit or shaken involuntary on your part, and this site is your head, because here the movements are minor. In this way, the cat fulfills its objectives: sleep peacefully and be with you.

He likes your smell

As you already know, cats they are very territorial animals, this means that they feel more secure in those areas where their smell is present. In this sense, one of the reasons why your cat sleeps on your head is because you feel safe sniffing, the aroma that emits your body is pleasant.

In addition, being close to you not only manages to capture your scent, but it impregnates you, making you “part of their territory.”

Find your heat

Cats have a body temperature different from that of human beings, so the cold affects them more easily than people. That is why they always look for the warmest place to lie down to sleep, either near a bonfire, in a corner where sunlight shines strong, or being on you, as they find the warmth necessary to sleep at ease or simply relax. About cats and the sun, there are many more reasons that lead them to seek your warmth, so do not miss the article “Why cats like the sun.”

You know, if you notice that your cat perches on your neck or on your head, it is with the aim of being comfortable and take a long nap.

Is it bad for your cat to sleep on top of you?

Many people think that cats are harmful to health, especially because they speculate that, by staying away from home for a long time, they may have diseases. Similarly, some people argue that feline fur is harmful. However, these statements are not entirely true.

When you have a cat that leaves home, it is true that it becomes necessary to be more careful because of the risk of the cat contracting parasites or diseases, but this is part of your responsibility as a human companion: to watch over your health and be attentive to any change to go to the vet. If you are a responsible tutor, nothing prevents your cat from being happy sleeping with you.

That is why we recommend that you watch that your cat is clean and comply with its vaccination and deworming schedule, in this way both will be the best nap companions.

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