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Why do cats like to sleep on their feet?

It is a proven fact that cats like to sleep at their feet of their caregivers, or even closer to them. This circumstance is due to several reasons that its caregivers should know.

If you want to know the various reasons for this feline habit, read this article to find out why cats like to sleep on the feet of the people with whom they live.

1. A matter of survival

Rare is the adult person who weighs less than 40 kg. Assuming that the average weight of an adult cat is between the 3 and 4 kg (except the Maine coon, Ashera and other huge and fat breeds), it turns out that our cats must sleep next to a being that weighs at least between 10 and 13 times more than them.

Therefore, if the cat is sensible and intends to survive a sudden night turn of the mass that sleeps next to it, it is obvious that it should be placed in the place where the weight of its bed partner is lighter and has more escape. That is, to the feet.

In fact, the habit of moving towards the corporal extremities (head or feet), the cats acquire it when they become adults, because when they are puppies they are usually placed at the height of the chest of the person with whom they prefer to sleep. In this way they feel the beats that remind them of their infant stage with their mother.

But after being accidentally crushed on more than one occasion by the sleeping human when turning, the cats conclude that it is less dangerous and more rested to sleep at the height of the head or feet.

2. Protection

Cats are aware that when they sleep they lower their guard slightly. For this reason, if they sleep with their caregiver and suddenly feel something suspicious, they will not hesitate to wake up their caregiver to warn them of the danger and protect each other. Another characteristic of cats is that they like to sleep with their back against something. In this way they consider that their back is well protected.

3. The alarm clock and routine

How many people has happened to us without battery in the mobile and the alarm function has not sounded? Probably millions of human beings spread across all the ends of the earth.

Fortunately, if our cat is on guard at our feet, will realize the minute of the problem, and without hesitation will move to our face to rub on it and meow meow mouth in our ear. The question is that we wake up once and for all.

Cats are ordered beings to whom they like the routine and the absence of unpleasant surprises. For this reason they will try to wake us up to face the day in the usual daily way. If you notice that we stay in bed because we are sick, he will not hesitate to stay with us to keep us company.

4. Membership of the same clan

The cats are territorial, exclusivist and sociable. All in this particular order.

Its territory is the whole home, to the last limit. For this reason from puppies are dedicated to patrol and explore our home to the last nook. It is normal for an animal to know its lair perfectly, and cats do it thoroughly: it is their territory.

In a family of several members, the usual thing is for the cat to empathize with all the people, but there will always be a chosen with which the cat will be more affectionate than with the rest of the inhabitants. This only person will be with whom the cat will sleep at his feet exclusively.

The sociability of the cat will be shown to be courteous and even affectionate to all the members of the family, as they are their herd, clan or group. Therefore, well-educated cats, and most of them are, are empathetic with the members of this family clan. The cat plays, it is allowed to caress, or it forces to caress it and it communicates, with all components of its familiar herd. Even during the day she will doze next to someone on the sofa, or rest on Grandma’s legs in front of the television. But sleep at the foot of the bed, only he will do it with his favorite human.

5. Cats are very territorial

We believe that cats sleep at our feet because they love us and need our company. It may be true in some cases, even in many cases. But actually we are the ones who sleep next to the four feet of the cat, according to the feline mentality. Since we inhabit its territory and distinguishes us by letting us sleep by its side. We are your favorites, your trusted humans.

Apart from inviting us to sleep with them, the cat will show us his affection or trust, licking us. It is groomed and washed with the tongue. The act of licking shows that they clean us because they trust us and we are one of the “yours”.

If we bring a new pet home, especially if it is another cat, our first cat will take a tremendous dislike for such folly and for some days will be sullen and punish us by not sleeping next to him. But time heals everything.

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