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Why do cats lick each other?

Licking for hours is one of your cat’s favorite activities. Being clean, dedicating the necessary time to remove any dirt and any knot, is part of the daily routines of these adorable furry.

If you have several cats at home, you may have noticed that they often lick each other, sometimes for long periods of time. Do they do it as a sign of affection or as a ritual of shared grooming? If you want to know why cats lick each other, Do not miss this article . Keep reading!

Why do cats lick each other?

Before knowing why cats lick each other, it is necessary to clarify the reasons that lead these beautiful cats to lick themselves in the first place. Much of the time, cats lick themselves as part of their ritual of grooming, which is accompanied not only by licks, but also by some bites necessary to eliminate knots and any residue that is attached to the skin.

The cleanliness of the fur is usual at various times of the day, including fair after eating as a way to eliminate any smell of food; This behavior has been inherited from their larger family members. So if you wonder why cats lick after eating, here’s the answer.

On the other hand, cats do not have sweat glands in most of their body, like many animals; these are only located on the pads of their legs. That is why, when it is very hot, they need another method to regulating the temperature of his body, and the ritual of licking serves them for this. How? The saliva that they deposit in the mantle little by little evaporates, generating a sensation of freshness.

In addition, licking is also a form relaxation. How? If your kitten feels anxious, nervous or stressed for some reason, he will lick his fur to comfort himself, as this action relaxes him and allows him to return to his comfort zone. This licking usually takes place on its sides, or with small touches on the snout with one of the legs. Now, if you notice that it becomes obsessive or too frequent, we recommend reviewing the causes of stress in cats to avoid them.

Now that you know what are the main reasons for a cat to lick itself, we tell you why they lick each other.

Cats lick each other for a friendly bond

The licking is not only functional, also demonstrates the level of confidence that two cats feel when they are together. This is called social licking, and is due to several reasons. One of them is the bond of friendship between two or more felines.

If your cats do this, it means that they love each other a lot and that they feel relaxed when they are together. In these cases, the licks are concentrated in the facial area and the ears, the favorite places of felines!

Licks between cats of the same family

Cats also lick each other to strengthen their ties as part of the same family, of the same litter, even when they are not consanguineous relatives. The licks not only serve as a sign of affection among those who are part of the feline family, but also allow them to create a common aroma that identifies them among them and distinguishes them from possible intruders.

Surely you are wondering what happens if your cat tends to lick you, well we have good news! This means that you are also part of your family!

Why do cats lick their young?

The cats usually lick their children several times a day, both to identify them as members of their family and to warn others that these puppies are part of their territory. This is a middle of protección for anyone who tries to approach the pussycat.

In fact, the change of smell is usually one of the reasons why cats reject their puppies, because they can no longer identify them. When this happens, they consider the “stinker” an intruder, and perhaps even a possible competitor for the kittens of their litter.

Cats lick each other to give protection

Bringing a new cat home is not a simple decision, because there is always the fear of how the cat that has lived there will react the longest. In these cases, not all assume the arrival of the new member in the same way. Some cats are more difficult and find it difficult to socialize and even accept their new partner, while others have a more relaxed and integrative attitude. Therefore, it is essential to know how to present a cat to another cat before integrating it.

The pussycat who arrives home also feels distrust and fear, being in a territory that until that moment has belonged to someone else. When this happens, some cats that were already living in the house assume a protective position, smelling and licking the newcomer, in a kind of welcome. With this gesture they not only transmit tranquility, but at the same time “take under their tutelage” the new member of the family. So, if you notice that your cat licks a lot of new cat, the reasons are several: protection and common aroma.

Have you perceived a disease?

There are times when a cat licks another cat because detects some health problem existing. In these cases, the cat that licks usually focuses on a specific area, which coincides with the part that is hurt or damaged. This can be from a wound or a bruise by blow, to all kinds of diseases, as in the kidneys, the heart, and so on.

Why does the feline do this? It is believed that it is a way to comfort your partner in those moments when you are not quite well. If you notice that one of your cats licks another one too insistently in the same area, maybe it’s time to do a medical checkup.

Cats lick each other to clean themselves

Of course, of all these reasons could not miss the grooming. To the cats too they like to dress up in company, but only with those members for whom they feel most affection, obviously. Family that bathes together, stays together.

During these rituals it is also common for one of the cats to lose patience and give the other one a blow, or even bite him. The reasons for this behavior are not entirely clear yet, but it is a completely common reaction. To prevent them from getting hurt, you can separate them or make a loud sound that distracts them.

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