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Why do cats cry?

In this article we will explain why cats cry, giving as an example some of the most common situations with which, as caregivers, we will find ourselves in coexistence with our felines. We will see that the cats cry without tears, emitting an acute and pitiful meow that, generally, usually corresponds to a request or need that the cat wants to satisfy. But, sometimes, cats cry because they are suffering from some disease and should be treated by a veterinarian. For all that, if your hairy companion whines and you want to know why and what to do when a cat is crying, keep reading.

Interpretation of crying cats

To explain why cats cry we should know that for them vocalizations such as weeping or meowing they are part of your communication strategy and it does not have to imply that they are sad. It is also important to know that cats they do not cry with tears and if we see them in the eyes of our feline can indicate a health problem as an obstruction in the tear duct. Also, if the tears are yellowish it is likely that we are facing an infection that will need veterinary treatment.

That it is a form of communication explains why cats cry so much, although there are also very silent ones. Finally, it is common for caregivers to wonder why their cat cries for no reason, but this statement is not true. The cats they always cry with reason, the problem is that we do not understand them. They are demanding our attention to cover some need. Therefore, neither should we ignore them, much less punish them. In the following sections we will explain why we cry in everyday situations.

Why do cats cry like babies?

The sound so sharp that some cats manage to produce reminds us of the crying of newborns and, like them, it can have different meanings, since it is part of their communication. In the first weeks of life the kittens can cry, basically, feeling the absence of his mother, because they are hungry, cold or afraid. It is because of all this that the kitten that we just adopted can cry while getting used to us and our home. For more information, see the article “Is it normal for my kitty to cry a lot?”.

When the cat grows You can also cry to ask for food, because he is scared and other reasons that we will explain in the following sections. To understand why cats cry we must take into account the context, that is, if the cat is crying and his plate is empty, it is easier to think that he is demanding food. When the cat ages, it is also possible that it will cry more than usual due to the changes produced by age.

Why do cats cry at night?

One of the reasons that explain why cats cry, especially at night, is the period of heat. If we live with a cat or an unsterilized cat, it is easy for us to hear them cry and meow insistently and desperately. If we live in an area with cat colonies it is also likely that we will listen to these cats when they are in heat. This period is influenced by sunlight, so it can last almost all year. In addition, cats they’re nervous, they mark with urine, they can try to escape and, if they succeed, fights are common, which can lead to serious injuries. In these confrontations diseases can be transmitted for which there is no cure such as immunodeficiency or feline leukemia. For all these reasons, the sterilization of males and females.

On the other hand, in small cats or newcomers to their new home it is also common to perceive that they cry at night. The reason is explained in the previous section, which is summarized as follows: adaptation period. Cats are animals that are very susceptible to changes and require space and time to adapt to them. Offering affection, attention and respecting their rhythm is essential to avoid overwhelming and, therefore, worsen the situation. Check the article “How to earn the trust of a cat” to know how to act correctly.

Why does my cat cry at the door?

We have seen that zeal can explain why cats cry and this same reason is responsible for some cats crying in the exit door or in the windows. However, it is not necessary for a cat to be in heat to observe this behavior, since cats can show it in situations like the following:

  • Un Cat accustomed to having access to the outside It is normal for him to cry to ask us to let him go and, also, to let us know what he wants to enter. The gates They can solve this requirement by allowing the cat to enter and exit at will.
  • If we get home and the cat cries at the door it may be his way say hello or complain for having stayed alone for a while.
  • Cats like places to hide, so it’s possible for a cat to cry in front of a closet door because he wants to go inside. It is also possible that he cries if he has been locked up and wants to leave.
  • If the door is from a room in the house, the cat may be protesting because we have prohibited him from entering it or because there There is something that he wants as food, a toy or a bed.

When the cat cries because he is sick?

On other occasions, the explanation of why cats cry is in a health problem. The cat may be manifesting a pain, as we will exemplify in the following situations:

Why do cats cry when they eat?

In these cases we can face a mouth problem but, also, it could be an infection called rhinotracheitis that will cause a lot of pain when swallowing. The cat can stop eating because of it. Requires veterinary treatment.

Why do cats cry when they go to the bathroom?

If the cat cries when it needs to, we can face a urine infection. The cat will go to the sandbox many times and eliminate droplets. It is a painful process that will need veterinary treatment. You may also cry if you have difficulty removing stool, for example, because of constipation, anal prolapse, etc. We must consult with our veterinarian.

Why do cats cry tears?

As we said at the beginning of the article, the presence of tears is indicative of a health problem related to the ocular system or another disease that causes infection as a symptom. Again, it will be necessary to go to the specialist to determine the cause.

Do cats cry of grief?

Although there is no scientific evidence to affirm or deny that cats cry of grief, we do know that animals are able to feel emotions similar to ours. Thus, they go through grieving processes, for example, they feel joy and sadness. In this way, a cat can emit sounds similar to a cry because it has lost a loved one, it feels lonely, etc. Of course, remember that these tears are not accompanied by tears. When these are presented they indicate the intrusion of foreign bodies, the development of an infection or another problem that our veterinarian will be able to diagnose.

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