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Why do cats bury their feces?

Cats are very unique animals and their behavior is proof of that. Among some of its curiosities, we highlight the fact of burying food, objects and even their excrement, but why do they do it?

In this article we explain in detail why cats bury their stools, something innate in its nature. But do not worry, if your cat does not do that, we’ll also explain why.

Everything you need to know about cats and their strange habits here, in:

The cat, a very clean animal

To start you should know that the cat is an animal clean by nature that feels comfortable in a hygienic environment. Proof of this (and his intelligence) is the ability to urinate and defecate in the sandbox, a behavior not only carried out in our house: a wild cat will not urinate anywhere, only in the place considered as its territory.

It is for that reason that many cats tend to urinate marking the entire house when they are adopted. If this is your case do not hesitate to visit our article to know how to prevent the cat from marking with urine.

However, the cat does not cover its feces solely for hygiene: there is a strong reason why the cat performs this behavior. Keep reading!

Cats burying their stools

Cats, like dogs do, bury their feces for a very simple reason: they want to cover the smell. But the reason goes beyond hygiene: cats cover the feces so that other predators or members of their species can not locate their territory.

When the excrement is buried, the cat reduces the smell considerably, giving us to understand that they are not a threat for those who transit the same territory. It is a sign of submission.

Cats that do not bury their stools

Unlike cats that do bury their feces, those that do not want to clearly understand that that territory is his property. They usually do it in high places: beds, sofas, chairs. so that the smell can expand better and the message is clear and effective.

Anyway, if your cat does not use the sandbox, inform yourself properly since some sick animals or those that do not have their sandbox clean will not want to use it. Discover also things about the zeal in cats.

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