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Why do cats buff?

Of all the reactions that cats have, one that calls us special attention, and even a certain alarm is the snort. Why do cats get booed? The truth is that more than a reaction is a message that they give us through his feline language.

Cats huff and growl when they feel disturbed, threatened or out of control. It does not come from nothing and they only do this, when they feel the presence of a problem. You can even and even if you do not represent a real threat, snort and growl. It is totally normal, it is the way that your cat has to ask you not to approach at that moment and to keep yourself in an alert position like him. It is telling you “we are in defensive mode”.

However, there are other reasons why your pet snorts. We invite you to read the following article where we will answer the question of Why do cats get buffeted?

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One of the reasons why cats are scaring is for notice that something they do not like or that I know they feel unhappy. Your mood is altered and, even if your reaction is to approach or even scold, it is better to stay a little away.

If you approach even though your cat is snorting, you may get scratched or bitten. Cats are very territorial animals. You may also be warning that the place where you are is your space and that anyone who approaches him should do so with respect, respecting the limits.

Too much external information

Cats like to chase and catch birds. It is said that cat’s buffs can be an imitation of singing of the birds to attract them. If your cat is snorting, it may be very close and he may be looking through the window at some other animal such as squirrels, birds, mice or objects that move and he / she has put all his interest in that element or feels fear by such presence.

My territory

As we mentioned before, cats are territorial creatures, they like to have their space and feel that they are owners and lords of it, which is why it is sometimes difficult for them to share. Similarly, sudden changes are very sensitive before. If you have brought a new animal companion home, this is a perfect opportunity for your old cat to flop freely, as it will be considered an offense and will be the way to express your dissatisfaction. This could even end in fights until the limits are established.

He could also snort when he smells the smell of a stray cat when he passes near the house. It is important to take into account that male cats that are not castrated when they are about to fight with each other are buffered with greater intensity and volume, communicating their discontent with each other’s presence.

Something hurts

If your cat snorts and is apprehensive when you are going to give him pampering or you will raise him, but normally, he is very docile and affectionate, he may have pain in some part of his body and manipulation is affecting you. The cat, in addition, could intuit that you are going to catch it, so it will even anticipate your intentions by snorting and growling. Put a lot of care and attention in the way you approach. Study these reactions in your pet and if this happens more than three times in the same day, we advise you to take him to the vet for a complete review.

It must be considered that the one a bufe cat does not mean that it is an aggressive animal or with this tendency. Aggressive behavior always hides insecurity, anxiety, pain or discomfort (either psychological or physical) and fear of unknown and possibly dangerous situations that pose a threat to him and even to the family.

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