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Why did my cat knead me?

If you have a cat or cat in your home you will probably know what we are talking about, cats are animals that love physical contact and interact with those who live.

Among the interactions that usually take place, we can usually highlight rubbing, asking for love and then scratching, sounding and kneading. But, have you ever wondered Why did my cat knead me?

In this article we are going to solve this doubt, are you ready? Find out why he does it (and why he uses it to nail you):

When do cats start to knead?

There are many experts who agree that the act of kneading begins when the newborn kittens they knead their mothers’ nipples to get more milk. The physical contact creates a very special bond in addition to a stimulation to their progenitors so that they do not stop nursing them.

Cats naturally develop this behavior and to produce pleasure they continue to do so during their young and adult stage.

When they start to grow, the kittens investigate everything that surrounds them: cushions, sofas, carpets. At the same time they know the pleasure of sharpening their nails, something that they love as you well know.

In this stage, already weaned, the cat is related to its environment and communicates through it for this reason we know a cat that kneads is happy, and is in a state of enviable relaxation and tranquility.

Why did the cat knead us?

When our cat begins to knead us (instead of a cushion) it is communicating and it is showing that he loves us, who feels comfortable with us and who expects us to feel the same.

Also the cat is aware that this procedure provides relaxation and pleasure to us, who receive it, for this reason we must compensate our cat when we kneaded providing caresses and affectionate words.

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