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Why are not rattles for cats good?

Surely you are used to the jingle bells for cats, we have seen them in famous cartoons and even in popular sayings “Who put the bell to the cat?”. But, you are sure that this practice is healthy for our pet or you have doubts. If the answer is yes, in we explain why it’s not good to put bells on cats.

Are jingle bells bad for cats? Do jingle bells deaf cats? Or do cats like rattles? are some of the most frequent issues on this topic. The truth is that felines have a very developed sense of hearing and putting ourselves in the shoes of our cat companion will help us understand why the jingle bells are not a good idea.

A little history: Jingle bells for cats

The famous phrase Who put the bell to the cat? comes from one of the most famous fables of the English poet Odo de Sherington, “The Book of Cats” written in the twelfth century. In it is told how a group of desperate cats find the solution to their problems by putting a bell to the cat that harassed them, but of course, putting this fabulous idea into practice was something more complicated.

In addition to this literary reference, we are bombarded with images of adorable cats with jingle bells as the cases of the famous magical cat Doraemon, the fluffy cat of the animated series Rugrats: Adventures in diapers or the well-known Chinese lucky cat or Maneki-neko and the rest of famous cats of cinema and television. Perhaps for this reason, we tend to associate the use of the rattle as an aesthetic arrangement necessary for our pet when the truth is that cats with rattles are not usually very happy.

In spite of all this, the society is becoming more informed and at present there are many who defend the health of cats, explaining why the use of these noisy ornaments is not healthy.

Why do cats use bells?

Although there are other solutions for the issues that are raised below, there are three main reasons why some people rattle their pets. These are:

  • Esthetic: Having the historical precedent, we know that for many it is lovely to see their pets with a cute rattle around their necks.
  • Location: The rattlesnake is also used to keep the cats at all times, especially if our feline friend likes to walk around the house next door or walk around the neighborhood.
  • Warning: Cats are stealth hunters and rattles were used to help their possible victims, such as birds and some rodents. When they heard the rattle, the prisoners had time to escape quietly, as the mice in the story wanted to do.

If we have thought about this object for other needs we will help you find the solutions so that your cat and you are always happy. Remember that the health issues of our feline friend will always be more important than those related to aesthetics.

A question of health

Despite these three reasons, rattling our pet has more disadvantages than anything else. Athough it does not seems, Rattles can be a real torture for our dear friend.

First of all, keep in mind that the purpose of a rattle is to make noise and it is precisely this aspect that makes the cats negative. Felines have an acute sense of hearing, are stealthy and bold and have a “tin-tin” so close to the ears can disturb them more than you think.

We propose an exercise, imagine that you have the phone stuck to your neck and ringing all day. Exactly! That’s how your cat would feel. A constant noise so close to the ears has terribly negative effects on your pet, the most prominent are:

  • Nervousness
  • Stress
  • Hearing impairment

Cats like calm and silence, so altering this deliberately will only harm the quality of life of your pet. Putting a bell to our cat can mean that we have a scary, stressed and apathetic cat at home.

Myths and truths

The bell rattles deaf cats

No, but it can cause irreversible damage to our cat’s eardrum. Although there are no scientific studies in this regard, we know that the auditory system of cats is as complex as that of human beings, which makes us easily deduce that if we subject our pet to a high and constant noise, so close to its hearing device, we will cause a significant deterioration in it. It’s as if you carry headphones with loud music all day, every day.

The use of bells in cats is dangerous

Yes. As we have already explained, there are more negative aspects than positive ones regarding the use of rattles. Also, remember that if the cat feels that something bothers him he will try to make it disappear and that is when he can choke on the collar or pull a nail trying to pull the rattle.

All rattles are bad for cats

No. We have always referred to the bells in the necklaces, but let’s not forget that our feline friends are great hunters. So if you want your cat to play with bells, we recommend that you make a homemade toy for cats, placing the bells inside a sock or some ball that can chase and hunt.

If in spite of all this you think it is necessary for your cat to carry a bell we recommend that you use a small bell so that the noise you emit is as low as possible. In the end, we will not rattle the catWill you do it?

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