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What to do if a cat scratches me

Surely you remember when Piolin said, “What a nice kitty!” The truth is that our beloved little yellow bird is right: cats are beautiful, they have something hypnotizing. However, that does not mean that at some point they may scratch us.

We should not think that our cat is bad because of it. A health problem, a bad socialization or an excess of caresses; they can be, among others, some of the causes of which we take a scratch.

What should we do if our cats scratch us? For now, keep reading this article of Expertoanimal and to find out everything you should do.

Treatment for cat scratch

1. Who was it? If you have been your pet, you have the peace of mind to know exactly all the information about your health, however, if the cat is a friend or person you know, you should ask the following:

  • Are you wormed?
  • Do you have the relevant vaccines?
  • He is sick?
  • Are you at home all the time or do you go outside?

If it is the scratch of a stray cat, you should go to the doctor. You do not have any information about the animal and its state of health, so it is likely that you should be given a tetanus or antibiotic treatment.

2. Examine the wound. Here you should look at the depth of the wound. If you see that the scratch has pierced several layers of skin and is no longer a slight bleeding, it is convenient to go to the doctor. Cats’ nails can accumulate bacteria and dirt.

How to cure minor scratches at home?

  • Wash your hands well with soap
  • Put the wound under a stream of abundant water (better cold)
  • Gently wash the wound with soap and the surrounding area
  • Replace the wound under a jet of water
  • Apply an antiseptic

“The disease of the cat scratch”

Perhaps you have never heard of it, but there is an ailment called “cat scratch disease”. Its cause is the bacteria called Bartonella spp. Cats receive and pass bacteria through fleas.

How do cats give us the bacteria? By means of scratches and bites. Also, it can be given if we come into contact with cat saliva. Of course, the Bartonella spp It is not contagious among humans.

What are the main symptoms of cat scratch disease?

  • Blisters in the scratch area
  • The scratch does not heal
  • Fatigue
  • Fever (not always given)
  • Headache
  • Bone-ache
  • Abdominal pain
  • General discomfort
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes

We can know that we suffer from the disease of the cat’s scratch because the Swelling of the lymph nodes, one of the symptoms mentioned above.

The lymph nodes are small balls that are distributed throughout our body and are very important for our immune system (our natural defense against infections).

The first thing we should know is in which parts of our body are the ganglia (remember that they are like small marbles). The largest number of nodules are in our neck, near the area of ​​the clavicle, in the area of ​​the armpits and in the groin.

If you have doubts about if you scratch a cat you may have infected with the scratch disease feel the area of ​​lymph nodes closest to the scratch area (keep in mind that the disease usually takes about two weeks to appear). For example, if your pet has scratched your arm, if you have been infected, the lymph nodes in the armpits should hurt to the touch and feel larger. Also, you may notice that hot, reddened part.

How do I know if my lymph nodes are inflamed?

Normally, it is not a serious illness. The most possible thing is that your doctor prescribes antibiotics and that’s where everything ends. However, never stop going to your doctor so that it is he who makes an accurate diagnosis.

Can toxoplasmosis infect me?

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease that can affect any warm-blooded animal. However, in cats, it may be the case that this disease is transferred through their feces. There are many people who have the doubt if by means of a scratch or a bite this disease can be transferred. You can be calm, in that way contagion is impossible.

Why has it scratched me?

As I told you at the beginning of the article, there are several reasons possible that lead a cat to scratch us. The first thing we must do is rule out that it is a medical problem. If you see that your pet is not behaving as usual (an example would be to stop going to his sandpit to relieve himself) it could be that your cat is sick.

Another possible cause of our little cat scratching us is that we have taught him badly. Sometimes, while they are puppies, we play with them with our hands and feet. From the first moment we must use scrapers, but he will understand that your fingers are something to have fun.

  • Tip: Make it clear from the first day what is not scratched. Say “no” with a serious tone of voice whenever you dig your nails where you should not.

Have you thought about if your cat is bored?

Use toys to keep him entertained. Also, if you have space at home, you can build an adventure space. I can assure you that it is very simple and will drive you crazy. In addition, that will help you stay in shape and prevent obesity.

I hope you found this article interesting, do not hesitate to leave me all your comments or experiences!

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