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What should I do to clean a cat without bathing it?

If you have a cat you will probably know that these pets are allergic to water, that is, they hate bathrooms and everything that has to do with them. Anyway, if your pet gets dirty in excess, there is always the question of knowing if we should help you clean up and if you want to, how to proceed.

In this article we will help you solving your doubts so you know what you should do to clean a cat without bathing it.

The cat washes himself

The cats they are very clean animals They dedicate a large part of the day to licking every corner of their cloak to remove dirt and tangles, so it’s no wonder that sometimes they suffer the indigestion of the well-known hairballs.

These animals can stay up to more than 4 hours a day washing and preening, and even cats that are homeless are presumptuous and prissy. Its tongue is rough and rough which allows to eliminate accumulated dirt in the most recondite places of its fur.

In addition to hair, cats need our help and they also have to clean their eyes, ears and mouth, delicate places that are difficult for them to access.

Extreme dirt cases

If your cat has come home especially dirty you can think about washing your own and that is sometimes preferable to act before our pet swallow dirt for example. For these cases you have several tools that can help you prevent dirt:

  • The first one is dry shampoo that you will find in any store where you have pet products. They are especially indicated for cases in which the animal has some reluctance to use water. Its texture is foamy and you will only need a brushing to remove the product. They are a very successful option.
  • If we do not have time to go shopping for a specific product, we can, at home, try to clean it up a bit with wet wipes for baby. Do it little by little and gently, as if you were licking your cat, in this way the process will become a social interaction that will make your cat is confident and predisposed to acical.

Remember that you can prevent the indigestion of hairballs, mild dirt and the appearance of parasites by brushing your cat regularly. Find a brush that you like to spend time and make you feel comfortable by your side.

Other parts of the body

As we have said before there are three areas of difficult access for the cat and that is when our pet will need our help:

Clean the ears your cat is not an easy mission and it is a hole that has very delicate parts that we should not harm. There are specific sprays for the hygiene of this area although you can also do a more superficial cleaning with a gauze, consult your veterinarian how you should do it.

The eyes they must also take care of themselves and that is that sometimes they are beggars that we must eliminate. Use a gauze or a damp cloth.

Finally the mouth It is the owner’s last concern. It is inevitable the accumulation of tartar and that is why we must carry out a regular cleaning using specific toothpaste for cats, offering toys to bite and dry feed.

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