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What does it mean when a cat urinates the bed?

Has your cat started to urinate in your bed? Do not you know how to avoid this unpleasant situation? To begin, you should know that this is a very common problem in cats and that to treat it conveniently you must discover the causes that have caused a change of behavior in your feline.

Knowing why you urinate the bed and what situations lead you to commit this act in your resting place will be essential to avoid it.

In this article we will try to discover what it means when a cat urinates the bed and we will give you some tips that you can apply to try to avoid this problem, keep reading:

Why can a cat begin to urinate in bed?

To begin with it will be very important not to confuse this habit with the marking of territory, a behavior that is usually carried out in different areas of the house, not only in our bed. Once this is understood, it will be important to start working to identify the cause that has led our cat to urinate in our bed and that will give us an answer to find out what it means when a cat urinates the bed. Some of the most common causes that make the cat urinate in bed are:

  • Disease: Is the first cause that we should discard. Ensuring that our cat does not suffer a urinary infection or cystitis will be of vital importance. Sometimes, before a picture of discomfort, the cat may begin to show sensitivity or dislike to things that previously did not. Rejecting the sandbox and using a more comfortable place such as the bed can be an indicator that something is not right. Go to the veterinarian to carry out a general review.
  • Vulnerability: A recent operation, a change in your life, the loss of a friendship or many other factors can cause a feeling of vulnerability. So, taking refuge in comfortable and warm places can make you feel good and comfortable.
  • Recent traumatic experience: This type of situations can cause in our feline an exaggerated reaction, a change of temporary habits and even depression in the cat. If you have gone through a very serious experience you should consider it as a possible cause of urination in your bed.
  • Closed doors: Before leaving, make sure that all the doors that allow you to reach the sandbox are open. It could be something you overlook, but it is imperative for our cat to be able to access the 24 hours of the day.
  • Stress or bad relationship with a family member: This is another of the main causes that can lead you to urinate in bed. Your cat can begin to carry out this behavior if he considers that something negative affects his social relations and general welfare state.
  • Do you have several cats? Cats are very scrupulous, for that reason, it would be ideal to have at least one sandbox for every cat that was in the house.
  • Bad habits of children: Children may not be clear about how their relationship with the cat should be. Annoying him, chasing him or invading his “zone” with squeals and games can make our cat very nervous. Let’s explain to them that they should let our cat rest and access all the places without trying to catch him.
  • He does not like the box: A box that is too small or without the protective structure could make your cat feel insecure. If you have recently adopted him, assess whether this could be the cause of the problem.
  • The location of the sandbox: Maybe you have not been aware until now, but perhaps, the sandbox of your cat is far away, has a complicated access or has obstacles that your cat does not like to avoid (heat, the presence of people who dislike him, other pets .) assesses, knowing its character, if it is appropriate for him the place where the sandbox is located.
  • He does not like sand: Sometimes we can be offering a substrate that our cat dislikes without knowing it. It can be its aroma, texture or any other feature that makes it uncomfortable. Try to change it.
  • The cleaning of the sandbox: Cats are very clean animals and having their dirty litter box gives them a clear dislike. The ideal washing frequency would be around 3-7 days.
  • Loneliness: Although cats are, on occasion, somewhat independent animals, it is very important to bear in mind that they are social beings that need companionship and affection. If your cat spends many hours alone, may have adopted this habit as a way to express their displeasure.

How to prevent the cat from urinating in bed

If you have already found out what it means when a cat urinates the bed and why your cat does it, it is time to start working and remedy this situation that can be exasperating. To prevent the cat from urinating in bed we will give you some tips:

The first one will be act in the cause that caused it. If your cat is uneasy, for example, by spending many hours alone, try to adopt a partner that allows you to socialize or spend more time with him.

To try to remedy this situation, the first days it will be advisable to leave the cat in a delimited area when we leave. It must be a quiet place, with its corresponding litter box and away from other animals and people. Avoid leaving blankets or your bed in that place. Of course, on your return you should be able to return to transit through the usual areas, you should not feel left out.

Buy one second sandbox for your cat totally different from the one you used until now to see if that is the problem that affects your cat. Sometimes we can think that “they are doing well” and that they like it but it may not be like that.

A very effective trick is to modify the perception of the area that he now considers a toilet for a place where he feeds. As you know, cats do not like to urinate where they eat, they are very clean animals. Have at hand delicious treats and snacks that you can offer when you approach that place. Of course, always prémiale before you urinate, if we do after urination will be reinforcing this behavior.

If these tricks do not seem to work and you are really desperate, go to an ethologist so he can help you take this case with appropriate guidelines and advice. Do not forget that, really, the cat is not a spiteful animal and that he is not doing this to make you angry. Be patient and help him overcome what is happening to him.

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