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What do cats do when they are alone?

Have you ever wondered what your cat does when you’re not at home? Depending on your personality, your cat may have certain preferences: some choose to sleep, eat and rest, while others take advantage to do things that they would not do in your presence.

Do you want to know what your cat does when nobody watches it? Do you find yourself damaged when you return from work? In this article we will try to explain what cats do when they are alone. Discover it below!

1. Make sure you’re not

Once we’re gone, the cats usually walk around to make sure that, effectively, we are no longer at home. They also adore patrolling and sniffing for new things they may have overlooked. Cats are extremely curious animals!

2. They do their daily stretches

The cats are stretching several times a dayIt is not surprising that when they are alone they take advantage to continue with their particular yoga postures.

But do you know why they do it? The truth is that felines can get to sleep up to 16 daily hours, that causes numbness which forces them to stretch, something that causes a very pleasant sensation and also stimulates blood flow.

3. Eat

The tranquility offered by a house in silence makes the cat eat without any stress. To improve environmental enrichment and help the cat feel loved you can offer a small portion of wet food or pate before leaving The appetizer will help you to get distracted and feel well hydrated.

4. They look out the window or go for a walk

Do you let your cat leave home freely? Or, on the contrary, do you avoid being able to campaign at ease? Some owners prefer that their cats can leave the house because of the dangers involved, but others do not conceive of having a cat depriving them of their freedom.

In any case, cats are extremely curious animals, it is not strange that they travel up to 3 daily kilometers or have a good time trying to hunt Some bird that approaches the window.

5 Sleep

Before we explained that cats can sleep up to 16 hours, but how many hours do they need to sleep to feel good? Elderly cats can spend up to 18 hours sleeping and puppies up to 20. This stimulates the growth of the little ones, improves their well-being and helps them to keep the brain prepared to learn new things.

6. They make mischief

Not all cats behave badly, in fact most are quite calm, even so, some take advantage that nobody sees them to do prohibited things. Stealing food, climbing to the top or throwing something on the floor are often the most common pranks. They are still adorable!

7. They are bored

After spending several hours alone the cats get bored. Remember that, although they are said to be very independent, cats they are animals sociales They need to relate to be happy.

If your cat spends many hours alone, perhaps it would be a good idea to adopt a second feline, although you can also bet on the food dispenser toys or the intelligence toys, which will help you to spend the lonely hours better.

8. They receive you

Some cats they wail non-stop When we arrive home, as a welcome, others rub against us to impregnate their smell (again) and some do not even flinch.

We might think that this behavior will depend on the good relationship they have with their human, but the truth is that each cat acts in a particular way. They are not like dogs, they come running to say hello, cats are much more peculiar!

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