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Wet food for homemade cats

If you share your life with a cat you probably already have realized that one of the best ways to earn your trust is through food. The cats are very gluttonous animals and, at the same time, extremely selective. This means that, although they love to eat, they are not willing to gobble up everything we offer them. Therefore, sometimes it may happen that we have bought a meal that, at first glance, seems perfect, and then our furry companion rejects it. Why? When a cat does not eat, it can be due to multiple factors, the most common being that you do not like.

The cats they are carnivorous animals and, therefore, your feed should contain around 30% of meat and fish, and an 15% of fruits and vegetables. The ideal is to buy a quality feed, which meets all your nutritional needs and, in a complementary way, we provide wet food already prepared or, better yet, made by us. In this video we propose you two homemade food recipes for cats, both with chicken, a product that not only they love, but also offers multiple benefits.

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