Types of Siamese cats

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Siamese cats they come from the ancient kingdom of Siam (the current Thailand), where it is said that such a feline race could only possess royalty. Fortunately, nowadays, any cat lover can enjoy this excellent and beautiful pet.

In fact there are only two types of Siamese cat: the modern Siamese cat and the so-called thai, the old type from which the current Siamese come. The latter had as its main characteristic that it used to be white (sacred color in Siam) and have a slightly more rounded face. Also its body is slightly more compact and rounded.

In we will inform you of the different types of Siamese cats and current thais.

The Siamese and their character

A physical characteristic common in Siamese cats is the spectacular bright blue color of his eyes.

Other relevant characteristics in Siamese cats are how clean they are and how affectionate they prove to be with the people around them. They are even tremendously patient and proactive with children.

I have enjoyed the company of several Siamese cats in the course of my life and I remember that my daughters dressed the poor cat with dresses and doll hats and they walked him lying upside down in a toy baby stroller. Sometimes they were also transported seated in the tipper of a large plastic truck, from which they pulled a rope by walking the cats up and down the aisles. With other cat breeds, in my house I have not seen so much rapport with the children nor so much affection towards them.

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Types of color of Siamese cats

Currently the Siamese cats they differ by their color, since its morphology is very similar. Its body is slender, of elegant and elastic at the same time, despite having a well-defined muscular constitution that makes them very agile.

The colors of his cloak may oscillate from white cream to dark gray-brown, but always with a very particular peculiarity in its face, ears, legs and tail, which makes them very different from other feline breeds. In the aforementioned body areas their body temperature is lower, and in Siamese cats the hair of these parts is much darker, almost black or clearly black, which together with the characteristic blue of their eyes defines them and clearly differentiates them from other breeds. .

Next we will mention the different correct colorations of the Siamese cats.

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Clear Siamese cats

  • Lilac point, is the Siamese cat of light gray coloration. It is a beautiful tone very common, but it should be noted that Siamese cats darken their tone with age.
  • Cream point, is the color of light cream or orange fur. Cream or ivory is more common than orange. Many puppies are very white at birth, but in just three months they change their coloration.
  • Chocolate point, is the light brown Siamese.

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Dark Siamese cats

  • Seal point, it’s the dark brown Siamese cat.
  • Blue point, it is called like that to the Siamese cats with dark gray fur.
  • Red point, are the Siamese cats with dark orange coloration. It is an unusual color among Siamese.

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Variants of standard colors

There are two types of variations among Siamese cats:

  • Taby point. This is the name for Siamese cats that have a tabby pattern, but based on the colors mentioned above.
  • Tortie point. They are called Siamese cats with reddish spots, which causes that this coloration is called ‘turtle scale’.

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