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Types of scrapers for cats

The scrapers are essential objects for cats since they are animals that need to file their nails regularly, it is something innate in their behavior. They are also very necessary to avoid destroying your furniture.

In this article we will analyze the different types of scrapers for cats and we will explain which is the most useful for your cat.

Discover innovative or more classic types such as the carpet, the tree or those accessory type. Finally we will add a section about the homemade scrapers so that you can make one yourself at home.

How is the ideal scraper for your cat?

While some cats soon understand where they should sharpen their nails, others take longer. In the same way, some prefer a type of scraper and others feel more comfortable with other models. It will depend on your cat.

If the feline has already attacked any of your furniture, you have the first clue about how is your ideal scraper. If you observe scratching the carpet maybe the most indicated is the “carpet type” and on the contrary if you prefer to mutilate the arms of the sofa from top to bottom you should get a “tree type”.

Carpet type scrapers

The carpet type scrapers are great if you are not clear about which is the most appropriate model for your cat since you can place it in different positions, there are even models that can be tilted or bent. It’s a kind of scraper very economical and you can find it in any trade.

Tree type scrapers

The tree type scraper is the most popular and knownIn addition, it is usually the most accepted by cats in general. It is the perfect scraper for cats that enjoy filing the nails from top to bottom. Some incorporate toys, a scraper base or a small bed on top. Although it may seem simple, it is the most usual option.

Home scrapers for cats

A great and very economical option is to make your cat’s scraper yourself, discover how to make a homemade scraper for cats. In the post we explain the necessary materials and how to make it step by step. It is a perfect option to incorporate different types of scrapers into one, including small “hiding places” with which your cat will undoubtedly enjoy.

Does not your cat know how to use the scraper?

At the beginning it may happen that your cat do not show interest or do not know how to use the scraperIt is totally normal. Before getting another scraper or making yours at home, discover how to teach a cat how to use the scraper. Following our advice in a short time your cat will learn.

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