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Types of Persian cats

Card of the animal: Persian

The Persian cat is the feline with the most registered pedigree. Currently this cat from ancient Persia (present-day Iran), which arrived in Italy at 1620, has 13 types different.

But each type can be subdivided into several subtypes, which makes a very extensive list, which we could subscribe if we decided to classify them meticulously.

If you continue reading we will point you The 13 types of main Persian cats and some of its most showy variants.

Persian cat morphology

The Persian cat is characterized by its wide face, flat, round eyes and small ears. Its dense and long coat is very silky (you have to brush it daily). As we will check later, it has many different colors.

There are varieties with solid colors, others with spots and also marbled. The male Persian cats have only two colors. The females can have three.

Persian cat character

The Persian cat sleeps a lot. She is aware of her beauty and likes to be pampered, but she does not like to be touched.

Es an aristocratic cat that requires much more attention than any other race. He does not like to be alone and he even follows the people of the family so as not to be separated from them. It is a very dependent pet.

It is a feline that requires more baths than other cats. There are specific products for your beauty and hygiene. It is advisable that your coat be outlined by a professional, however, if you have an emergency we give you the advice to bathe a Persian cat step by step.

Beauty care

The main way to enjoy an irreproachable Persian cat, is that a specialized pet groomer periodically polishes the mantle of our Persian cat.

Has a very dense fur It should be bathed and combed with professional tools, pet dryers and other specialized tools. There are specific shampoo ranges for Persian cats.


La visit to the vet It is obligatory. He will control the health of our cat, administer the appropriate vaccines, and if necessary will prescribe vitamin supplements. Persian cats have a tendency to ingest dead hair from their coat when grooming. This can cause hairballs to form in the digestive system. Preventively cats should be given malta to the Persian cat to prevent the accumulation of hair.

In the event that the cat is observed to have trichobezoars that cause intestinal obstruction, a paw should be smeared with pharmaceutical paraffin. The cat when licking its paw to clean it, will ingest the paraffin It will help you to evacuate the hair balls.

If we are not clear about the type of Persian cat that is our feline, we can ask the professional for advice. But if he can not help us, read on:

Types of Persian cat

There are many varieties of Persian cat. Next we will expose the official list:

  • The Persian cat No. 1 It is the black one.
  • A subtype is the number 1a of black color and orange eyes.
  • The Persian cat No. 2 It is the white with blue eyes.
  • No. 2a, white with orange eyes
  • Elnº 2b, white with different eyes.
  • The Persian cat No. 3 is the blue color.
  • The Persian cat No. 4 is the red one.
  • The Persian cat No. 5 is the cream color.
  • The Persian cat No. 6 is the black smoked color.
  • There are the following subtypes: nº 6a, nº 6d sl and nº 6d sd.
  • The Persian cat No. 7 is the silver-colored mottled.
  • The Persian cat No. 8 is the chinchilla. It is the smallest Persian cat of all.
  • The Persian cat No. 9 is the mottled red.
  • The Persian cat No. 10 is the mottled brown.
  • The Persian cat No. 11 is the hawksbill (black, red, cream).
  • The Persian cat No. 12 is the white hawksbill.
  • No. 12a, two-tone white hawksbill persian
  • The nº 12b Persian blue tortoiseshell white.
  • The Persian cat No. 13 is cream blue. It has a multitude of subtypes:
  • No. 13a Persian other colors. No. 13b Persian color point long hair. No. 13b1 Persian seal.
  • No. 13b2 Persian bleu point. No. 13b3 Persian chocolate. No. 13b4 persian lilac.
  • nº 13b5 Persian red point and carey. No. 13b6 Persian – nº 13b7 persian cream.
  • No. 13b8 Persian blue. No. 13b9 Persian chocolate. No. 13b10 persian lilac.
  • No. 13c Sacred of Burma or gloved cat.

Have not you found out yet what kind of Persian cat you have?

Send us a picture with your cat below, in the comments, and we will try to help you as much as possible. Thanks for visiting !

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