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Turkish Van Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The beautiful Turkish Van Cat is a little known race, fond of water and being a swimmer, is originally from Turkey, is a playful, friendly, curious and intelligent kitten.

Images and photos of Cats Van Turkish

In this section you can find images and photos of Gato Van Turco. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a Turkish Van Cat?

Turkish Van Cat known as Turkish swimmer cat, a very beautiful race, little known. He has the trace of Allah in his coat, he has particular spots on his body, especially on his head and his back. They have a very nice and playful character, has a very important quality, it is their taste for water and swimming.

What is the origin of the Cat Van Turco?

The race of Gato Van Turco is quite old, from thousands of years ago. There are representations in jewelry and literature that mentions ringed tail cats. its name of the feline is originally from Lake Van in Turkey, but its territory extends in countries like Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. They are wild animals and do not have any genetic alteration.

In 1950 Lushintong and Halliday, they came across this feline, since he was investigating the origin of the Turkish Angora. They took a pair of this race to England where they adopted them.

This breed was recognized Europe in 1969. It was in the decade of the eighties, where the first Turkish Van was taken to the United States. Soon after, some breeders took care of this breed in Europe and the United States.

Many people think that the Turkish Van and the Turkish Angora have some relationship, but they do not have any. Although both are from Turkey, they have remarkable physical differences and developed in different geographical areas.

Although this feline is much appreciated, it has now dramatically reduced its breeding in its native area. There are few copies that are original.

What are the characteristics of the Turkish Van Cat?

In this section we will show you the most common characteristics, so that you can identify the beautiful Turkish van cats.

Size: es medium a great.

Weight: the males have 7 kilograms and the females of 5 to 6 kilograms.

Long: They can have one meter long, from the snout to the tip of the tail.

Body: medium to large, robust and muscular.

Eyes: They are big and oval. Amber light or dark, orange or blue. He frequently presents heterochromia (eyes of different colors).

Nose: It is long and straight, pink like the pads of your feet.

Ears: They are large, broad base, slightly rounded and hairy tips.

Head: It is short, triangular and slightly inclined. With rounded contours and absence of angles and straight lines

Extremities: medium length, round feet, its hind legs are slightly longer than its front legs

Tail: It is moderately long and also very hairy. Commonly reddish and ringed.

Fur: They have semi-long hair, silky, soft and fluffy.

Coat color: It is very different from other cats, admits orange spots on the head and tail, but the neck is white. The spots can also be red, cream, black, blue or turtle.

How is the character and behavior of a Turkish Van Cat usually?

The behavior of the Turkish Van can be somewhat temperamental. He is also playful, friendly, curious and intelligent. They have a taste for swimming, if they live near a river or lake, where you can find your cat go Turkish swimming and are very good at fishing.

They can train easily, they are quite sociable. They can play with a ball and bring it like dogs. They adapt in any environment, living in a flat or in a house with a garden. They get along very well with children and other pets.

They are loving animals, but they do not like to be held in their arms. They are quite calm and are pets.

Although they take to reach maturity approximately 3 years, they are very active cats, they love to interact and play with their masters. They are skilled in stealing food even from the plates of their masters, but they are beings that can achieve the affection of any person.

How much does a Turkish Van Cat live?

This magnificent feline specimen, can have a Life expectancy from 13 to 17 years. If it gives you an adequate environment, the proper care and attention can prolong your life. Getting to live more years, the most important thing is that you live healthy and happy.

How to care for a Turkish Van Cat?

This feline is very intelligent, adiéstralo from small and teach him tricks. You can teach him to bring the ball, even to use the toilet. You must be very patient, you will not learn the first, but if you put a lot of effort you will get it.

The care of your coat is something important. Brush twice a week, although no knots are formed. It is good for cleaning and even more so during the molting season. It is important to note that the fur of this feline does not fall frequently.

Brindale quality food, which gives the correct nutrition to the animal. Accustom him from puppy to his balanced food, and some can from time to time. It is also important that you reward your good behavior and intelligence once with some goodies. Avoid giving too much food to avoid overweight or obesity.

When he is a young feline he can be very active, you will have to tire him a lot in some game or activity. If you have any other pet you can play with this, until you get tired. It is very important physical activity you have, to avoid falling into obesity.

This cat is a fan of water, so you can bathe it every so often, as long as you need it. If you have access to a river or lake, you may go on your own to bathe or fish.

Beautiful Turkish Van in the water

Finally, the most important thing for a kitten’s care is the love you can give him. The necessary attention and control will be important if you want to have a pussycat like this in the house.

What do Turkish Van Cats eat?

Each kitten has its own characteristics and needs in relation to its feeding. Most cats are carnivores by nature, that’s why you should get all the necessary nutrients. Your food should contain 41 nutrients that contribute to its development, your coat and keep your health in good condition.

Turkish Van Feeding

Depending on the age, the proportion of nutrients will vary. A developing kitten will need a balance compared to an adult cat that is not as active.

Follow the proportion of food, in this way maintain a perfect physical condition. Provide quality dry and moist food, attend to and find your food preference.

What diseases can the Van Turk breed of cats acquire?

The Turkish Van can have good health, some cats can present Deafness problems, inherited from white races. This hereditary genetic anomaly can occur in these cats at advanced age.

Another anomaly that this feline can have is the hairballs in the digestive system. Due to its fur, if the respective maintenance is not given by brushing, it can cause this. It is very important to brush it even though your hair does not fall off easily. Provide paraffin or malt to help expel the hair balls.

This breed can fall into overweight, due to not having physical activity and over-feeding. Control of feeding at a certain age is necessary, especially in animals that are sterilized.

Curiosities of the Cat Van Turco

In this section we show you some curious facts about the Van Turco cat.

  • To this feline he loves to swim, which is due to its origins, was raised in the vicinity of Lake Van. The basis of their diet were fish that were caught in the lake and nearby rivers.
  • The Turkish Van and the Turkish Angora bear no relation. Although both are from Turkey, they have physical differences and developed in different geographical areas
  • The cats of this breed can measure one meter long from the snout to the tip of the tail.
  • This breed was newly recognized in 1969 Europe, although it is a race thousands of years ago.
  • In 1980 he took the first Turkish Van to the United States for breeding.

How much does a Turkish Van Cat cost?

If you are a cat lover and want to buy a cat of this breed. You noticed all the beautiful qualities that this animal possesses, such as its playful personality, sympathy, curiosity and intelligence.

The price of the Cat Van Turco can vary according to the breeding place where you are going to adopt it, you can find it at approximate price of 500 dollars.

Where to buy a Turkish Van cat?

There are different breeders of Van Turco cats, which can certify the cat you are going to get. What you should take into account to know where to buy is to verify that you have the certifications of the most important feline associations; that their facilities are properly taken care of and suitable for the breeding of cats, and that they can guarantee you the health and quality of the kitten that you are going to obtain.

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